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If it was something like this

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One of the many things I loved about this game that I wish other role-playing video games like Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 1-2 had, was the option not to say anything at all... to be silent. Saying nothing could be an answer.

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There are so many games I've yet to play and only so much money to spend at one time.

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A great game, I still find it better than Way of the Samurai 2... but I haven't played the 3rd game yet.

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Does the Mysterious Stranger have a character page on giantbomb.com?

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This would have been the the last chapter in the saga...

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I loved it. One of the reasons why was because it told us what happen to Samanosuke after Oni 1 and that Sam and Kaede had feelings for each other. I'm a big Samanosuke/Kaede fan

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Turok 2 was the best. It actually had a story, a plot (you can't have an atmosphere without that), you were told what's going on, what's happen, where to go, and what to do. The soundtrack was very much improved, the Lost Lands was given a history and the enemies were a lot tougher as well, like the last boss... something Turok 1 was missing. So don't say that the first one had an atmosphere when your not even going to list the reasons on why that is.