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I have a i5 3550k and a 7870 AMD card, and its a blast. Haven't run into anything that has pushed my system that hard, and have had this setup for about 2 yrs now.

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Just blame Polygon...

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Depending on the length of your lease, I assume 6 months or 1 yr. Its pretty straightforward, you must abide to the lease agreement. Even offering 2 months plus security deposit will not fulfill the legal commitment you made. Although you may be able to find another renter to take over for the lease, it still locked to you, until its signed over.

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Ive noticed that a lot of people are throwing out known names in the industry as people who will fill the open positions. Why would it be so bad if it was a complete unknown? Id love to see someone young, and enthusiastic about games, who can establish themselves for the long haul.

Ive always looked at established people as hard to change, and if they got some young talent, they could essentially mold them to what they would want to get out of the individual.

Just a thought.

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Big fan of the Achievement Hunter guys and PewDiePie, but I'm late to his party. TotalBisquit offers a unique look and style to his videos as well. Wouldn't hurt to throw my name in the hat, I started not too long ago and still in the learning stages, but have a look duders!!


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I use the Razer Epic Naga, it has buttons on the side to use as well as 3 different/removable clips that allow it to fit different size hands.

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Awesome sauce!! Just picked it up, didn't believe it till I went to the store.

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Never thought I would read/see anyone say that they started smoking because they were/are bored. Please quit.

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I really enjoyed gone home and found the story entertaining and compelling. I don't care about social agendas or making games seem smart. I've taken in plenty of other non-game fiction and seen similar stories. Sucks to know that I'm wrong though.

That's what is important in my opinion. But I also, don't understand the praise it gets from the social agenda crap. It certainly isn't GOTY, except on Polygon. Ugh.

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American Politics in general is funny.