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I want a continuation to the 2008 Prince of Persia game; that game is extremely good. I loved the visuals, the combat, the world, and especially the discourse between the Prince and Elika.

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Jack Black is pretty awesome—especially in Tenacious D.

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I hope this isn't going to be the last DLC for Fallout 3; I don't want the monthly turning on of Fallout 3 to end!

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I enjoyed the demo, so winning a code would be awesome!

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This would be great to have since I could play through the parts of the season I missed on the PC version.

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What!? The fist bumps and air guitar were removed; that is fucking lame. I don't want another serious game; the goofiness of of Army of Two is one of the things that made the game so awesome. Me and my friend had a blast playing the game and those little interactions between Salem and Rios made the game that much better.

This is a shame.