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@sweep: Looks like US only... sodas

Is the IHL still going? Noticed a decent amount of people in the giantbomb group last night, but no real conversation.

The IHL is dead in the water. Because of me being sick for 2 weeks and then someone else in my family being sick for 4 weeks after that. By then everyone had scattered and what not. So it just kind of died. I have been think of starting a new one but it behind other stuff I have to do for real life.

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I have been play this game since mid November and now I have started to see TV adds for this game now. Even since then I have just fallen so hard for this game the fast tank based combat just speaks to me. I just wanted to know if any body here plays this game. So yes no maybe so?

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@Bratcher_Lev: Hey I I am running the event and the streamer/caster and Gb was so great to put my stream up on the chat. so all archived on my twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/rb_man

Side note the next match is this Thursday here is the time

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@levolent: What?

We only had 49 players sign up. There were only enough players to make 9 teams. So I had to drop 4. What I did was take every one with less then 10 posts and randomly draw 4 people that could not play.

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@twigger89 said:

@rb_man said:

  1. You have to play one team a week. More then that is strongly encouraged.
  2. You have till the 24th of November to get your team in order.
  3. After the 24th you must play your 1 match a week.

Do you mean the 24th of January?

Ya I was typing this up last night before I went to bed it kind of shows. Fixed now.

@TheMustacheHero said:

Awww. I wanted to get in on this.

Sorry man we have had sign ups open for the last 2 weeks there is nothing I can do.

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@FirePrince said:

Cool stuff. Go Team 3!

Wait, um, why does my name not link to my profile?

Sorry about that fixed it :D

@IndieFinch said:

Should be a lot of fun, thanks for taking the time to put everything together.

To help grow this community it was not a problem

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When I know a match is going to take place I will put the time here.

Here is a Bracket

Watch the match Live HERE . I will be streaming them for all to enjoy. :D

We have are first game This Sunday

Good Luck Have Batrider VS China Don't Carry here is the time

and a game later that day

Bodega Butt Barn VS BR Hunterz Here is the time Edit: this time was wrong it was ment to be 3pm EST it is fixed now

Next game Anti-mage is for jerks vs Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the WindseekerTIME Was canceled because of stuff

Next games Saturday the 2nd

Anti-mage is for jerks Vs Team 4loko TIME


Anti-mage is for jerks vs Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker TIME

Next game the 7th

Bodega Butt Barn Vs Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Team

How this is going down

Below are teams that you have been assigned. Now there are a few things you have to do.

  1. Get in contact with ALL of your team members.
  2. Come up with a Team name. (and a team logo if you want)
  3. Pick a Captain

Captains Responsibilities

  1. Team Captain will be in charge of all Drafting
  2. Team Captain is responsible setting up matches with other Captains
  3. Captains need to add me to the friends list
  4. When a match is made, please inform @rb_man when it’s happening at least 24 hours in advance so he can stream it if he is able.
  5. If you have an emergency please inform as soon as you can before the match.
  6. Both teams captains will submit the match ID numbers and who won for each match played to @rb_man.
Anti-mage is for jerksChina Don't CarryGood Luck Have Batrider4lokoTeam 5
UndoneBahamutTobbRobb Team Capblommer Team CapMageknighteric Team Cap
manhunt360 Team CapMrskidders1983fireprince96Hotcheesebandit007 Team Capnikki500mapel
Jukebox JoeChromakeyIroN1cMitch0712Superfluous
Team #1Bodega Butt BarnBR HunterzThunderfury Blessed Blade of the WindseekerSubstitutes
Indiefinch Team CapMajinace Team CapCronusCardinalSinsSweep
PointManWadeBrigadetwigger Team CapBaby Choo ChooMr.Skeleton
mcgrittles_#BASEDEh'pekcounterterroristKing mobrb_man
Bay4LifeRattle618ChopaxeXantaKlawz Team Cap

If you have any problems getting your teams together let me know.

If your name is not on there it is because we had a odd number of players so we could not make it to ten teams. Sorry D:


  1. Every team must play every other team once.
  2. Each team will play a Best of 3 vs every other team.
  3. Every win a team gets will give them one point.
  4. A Coin Flip / Dice Roll from will determine sides.
  5. There are NA and EU teams when playing like this you will swap severs every match.
  6. After every team as played every other team. The team with the most points win.
  7. If two teams have the same number of points then one BEST OF 5 set will be played.
  8. You have to play one team a week. More then that is strongly encouraged.
  9. You have till the 24th of January to get your team in order.
  10. After the 24th you must play your 1 match a week.
  11. You can play matches before that but they will not count.
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Registrationis Closed

Any Posts after this one will not be accepted.

We will be announcing teams tomorrow the 20th at around Noon EST and the pools will start on Thursday the 24th.