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I immediately thought of Stronghold (2?) which did this years ago. My brother in law opened the game and we heard "Greetings Lord Doug". Took us by surprise. It'll be like that. If you hear it, it may be a weird 'what ' moment but that'll be it. Kinda cool but I can't imagine them recording all these names for all the different people, maybe a few but also probably not going to be missing much if they don't get your name.

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@rorie: I'm at 14.44 for shipping to florida. It seems high for a 15$ item, if I order and that price is wrong will it work itself out or should I wait for it to be 'fixed' or do I need to email them first?

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Yea I was stoked to buy one but the shipping to florida is 14.44 for a $15 mug? I drink a lot of coffee and love Giant Bomb but I can't justify a $30 coffee mug.

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A couple months ago I noticed that everytime I watch archived live content the sync is off. When I watch live stuff I almost always put it on my second monitor and work while it plays so I'm not watching a whole lot. I'll look over and notice the audio is out of sync and as someone else said, it seems to get worse the longer its been playing. Sometimes the sync can be fixed by refreshing the page and hitting play again but not allways. Because I'm typically not watching, it only gets annoying when I start really focusing on a segment.

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Wow, was going to order the Sneaking shirt in Large but already sold out? bummer.

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@karkarov: yea, I ended up going and getting a molotov. But aside from burning the posters for free it would be cool to pull it out and torch the grass and stuff around strongholds

@lestephan: ah, for some reason I thought Dan was playing on PS4. ah well.

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I Finally picked FC4 up and I'm wanting to use the torch to burn a poster and remember hearing Dan and Jeff talk about being able to equip the repair tool at will even without a car nearby. I can't seem to find anything by searching except that you can do it on PC. Is this something that didn't make it into the console versions?

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I feel like the premium stuff has been less and less 'for me' for more than a year now. The ONLY premium thing I ever watch is Jar Time videos. I just don't find the live stuff that interesting on its own, let alone that I almost never have time to watch while a live show is actually airing and watching after the fact makes it that much less interesting. I continue to support the site, but don't really find anything of value out of doing so outside of feeling like I'm contributing on some level. As for if the site has changed, it is certainly much more live show focused now but that could be a good thing or bad thing depending on the person watching I suppose.

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Lately my son has become very interested in arcade racing games anytime we go somewhere that has one. I own a G27 wheel & have a seat and am trying to find out if there are any arcade racers that support wheels on PS3 or PC. I have Cruisin USA style games in mind but cant think of anything that's come out for ps3 like that. Just looking for suggestions.