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@Spoonman671: I dont' want my OP to make anyone think its bad, its quite good and I don't regret playing it. I just don't see why it's being touted as one of the best games on PS3 or a GOTY.

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@AhmadMetallic: which is the part where it fell short for me. I think the journey part of the game wasn't as interesting as the word of mouth would have you believe.

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I just finished the game in one sitting (which seems to be the proper way). While it looks good and has great music, I don't see where all the 'best game on ps3 ever' type of comments are coming from. Going from beginning to end of each chapter wasn't difficult and I didn't get any emotional feelings about any of it. I also found the coop to be pointless. I ran into (it said 10) players but I didn't find they added to the experience and most of the time I had no idea where they went after a few minutes. All in all, I liked it, but think its being way over-hyped. I feel like Flower was a better game from TGC.

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I guess that's a no. I'm not sure I can wait until the Wii U to play it, might have to try to borrow a Wii.

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So I really have the itch to play some Rhythm Heaven. I no longer have a DS and I don't own a Wii, so I'm hoping that someone knows of a good clone or something in the same vein as RH on either PC or IOS. So...do ya?

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@Floppypants said:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Week 1: Amazon $50, PSN $45 Week 5: Amazon $40, PSN $45, eBay Used $30 Week 16: Amazon $30, PSN $45, eBay Used $20Week 52: Amazon $20, PSN $45, eBay Used $10

This sums up what I was going to post.

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I'm in.

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I think if Microsoft proposed this as the only means to play retail 360 games on their next gen console, people will be up in arms. Judging by the responses here this seems like a case of not directly affecting people enough to care. It's still an anti-consumer cash grab that gets me a bit worried about the future of digital delivery in walled gardens like consoles and portables. Whatever publishers think they can get away with, they'll certainly try.

It's not exactly the same as the media is completely different. If this were a situation of the Vita having a UMD drive and they were charging people to play those UMD's on a device which was fully compatible, we would be having a totally different conversation. In this case Sony is offering to change your UMD to a digital license and is charging a fee for this. In fact, any digital PSP game you have will play on the Vita with no issue.

A closer comparison would be if the next XBOX had no optical drive and MS charged a fee to convert your DVD game to a Games on Demand game, in that situation, I'd feel just like I do now (I wouldn't really have a problem with it).

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@Ehker: PSP software sales at this point are not very high. Sony has said that once you "scan" your UMD it can't be scanned again, so I don't buy that the used market is a huge issue. Even if it were why would it matter anymore? Selling UMD's used after the format and console are dead aren't something anyone would need to worry about.

Do you have a link to where they said that the UMD's can't be used for this more than once? I have not seen them say that.

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Get up in arms about Sony making some kind of effort to reduce the cost of people wanting to migrate their UMD's to digital, while letting them keep their UMD which potentially could be passed around for others to do the same?

Yea, i'm not bothered by this.

For those who have UMD's and want to play them on their Vita, this is a better route than any one else has ever done in a situation where the media changes (see re-buying Nintendo games on every platform). They could simply not do anything as they did with the PSP Go (where it actually made MORE sense than this does since it was the same platform), or do what they are doing, or a mail in program. Also, games absolutely have different values, so why would they charge a flat-rate for every game when there is likely a way to scam the system. You are likely getting a similar discount on that more expensive game as you would a cheap game anyway.

again, I don't see the problems here.