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So, their licensing and patching in that youtube video then? Animal House epilogue is all I want.

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Don't forget, Blockbuster does mail order games (with a limited in store trade in option). That is bundled with dvds / blue rays and streaming. The library isn't great, but it does exist (and it's cheaper than Gamefly). I am still a Netflix member, but it's been real tempting to switch lately, especially with the current releases coming out.

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I wonder how well this will sell, Vietnam has always been a bit taboo in america.

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The only part about this that bothers me is that you had a Pizza flavored Pringles hookup and failed to alert me so that I could put in an order.

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I hate to say this (as it might give EA ideas), but why 30 days of exclusivity? The game is titled, the 40th day, why not 40 days of exclusivity. That's the kind of cross branding (and pun branding) I would get behind, for this obviously shitty move.

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Creepy boob jiggling at 0:18 in the first vid.

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This game looks interesting, definetally want to give it a shot, so i would appreciate a beta key.

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sweet christ!!!! remove this, remove this now!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How about Stylistic Brawler, or Character Action Brawler if they must. These games just seem like the natural progression of River City Ransom or Bad Dudes to me.

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This forum needs to be removed, DXSSI has officially won, and thus the hamburger is the winner.

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