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TRYING to play on PS4 as soon as that "full installation" message gets fixed.

PSN: Komikazee

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Love to join! Never got into guilds in this game. Let me know what to do. Account Name: Komikazee

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@ll_exile_ll: completely agree with this! Plus, every year COD gets shorter and shorter with how fast its modded, even on console. Watch your killcams, I am already seeing "heat seeking" grenades and lunging stabs. On 360 at least.

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OK, I can't seem to find the answer online. But I'm trying to equip the Accord Bio Needler and it says that I need PowerTech 4 - Crystite Failsafe Batteries. Now I'm GUESSING I have to craft those. But when I go into the crafting menu they don't even show up as an option.

Anybody know how I get these things so I can equip this weapon?

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OK. I've tried a couple MOBA's before and now I'm in the Beta for this one. This one seems a little more indepth as far as building up your Hero and what not but it's obviously the same basic format. I just want to know why (even at the beginning of the match) it takes me minutes to kill someone when it just takes them one or two hits to kill me. Is there some general MOBA guide out there that will explain to me why this is happening. I've posted this same question roughly on the LOTR MOBA and everybody just thought I was exaggerating. Well, it happens in literally every moba I play. One or two shots and I'm dead, and a series of shots and chasing before I can kill someone...

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I love this game, and this is not a rant, but a question. Me and another mech will go up against eachother one on one and start shooting eachother with the same gun (I know this because it shows me his weapon when he kills me) and he'll kill me and I would have only got his life down maybe to 70% or so. How can he do this and what can I do to hurt him more?

And don't say aim better or any of that, it's not that that's an issue. I don't know what is.


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Its kind of a catch 22. Always have a balance. Never pay it off completely because then it shows you are not using your revolving credit. I'm saying like 100 bucks or so. Its only a couple bucks of interest but it shows you're using your credit and able to make the payments at the same time. And someone else said to keep your balance below 50% of your limit, that's also very true!

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@BisonHero: Haha thanks Bison. I did mean within everybody still being level 1 or 2. And to everyone on here I'm not using this to complain or anything, just figure out what's going on. I am playing over wired but a lot of matches do seem to be lagging even over my 20 Mbps connection.. Maybe that is the case.

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No I know that. But sometimes when they come from behind me I have no choice. And that's when I go down with one ability hit. And yes, I have full life at the time. But the other part to that is no matter what class I am I can NEVER get their life down as fast as they do to me even if I hit them with every ability

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No it definitely is an ability. Not a regular attack. I'm following my army and we are not next to a tower. I come up on another guardian and hit him with an ability attack and start hitting him. He does one ability move (a big one, sorry, don't quite know the names of each ability) and I'm dead. I know that nobody is that strong especially right off the bat. Especially if I can hit them with 3 or so abilities and wail on them with normal attacks and they still don't die.