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Wii Sports. That's pretty much it.

Wii Sports Resort was pretty dope too. (I know that Tennis/Bowling/Golf were lifted straight out of Wii Sports, but bowling was much MUCH better with Motion+)

Yeah I have Resort with MotionPlus and its great. Just wished there was something more. Gotta look at all the crappy bowling games that were released and see if theres a decent one.

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I know there's a Tiger Woods game that's pretty good, and does that port of Rockstar's Table Tennis (or whatever it was) count as tennis?

I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out. I was just blowing off the dust on my Wii and played a bunch of Wii Sports and not surprisingly it's still fun. Maybe I'll check out the selection of lovely used Wii games at gamestop. But then again...I do have that HBC installed...

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My hope in the buying the Wii and playing the hell out of Wii Sports was hoping that someone would make full bowling/tennis/golf games. Those were the mini games that I really enjoyed and was wondering if games like tiger woods on Wii ever delivered.

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Is the Beta site only for Gold Members?

I'm silver and am currently in. But I've been a paid member since the beginning.

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obvious little bugs aside, site looks pretty good.

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If they mention Blue Iris or Ronnie Mund, we'll have our answer.

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xbox: readymix347

have RB1, RB2, No Doubt, and misc indie/rock DLC.

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gotta figure out the sweet spot regarding calibration, but so far a great game

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