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I bought way too many games. But all I can say with certainty is that I won't be buying much this coming holiday sale. Unless they give deep cuts to Q4 games.

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It seemed like the real reason for it was to get people to subscribe. An since WM has been dissolved, it kind of seems pointless now. This time around I think they would have to do something along the lines of that tested 24hr podcast. Probably not the 24hr part but I could see them doing it for charity (child's play)

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If I would've known that getting the code would take several hours (still haven't gotten it), I would've paid the extra $5 to get it instantly on xbox.

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Halo 2 has achievements?

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hot damn, i'm in!!!!

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@KaneRobot said:

Cracked up at the NWO theme being the intro music to the Gamespot stream.

yeah I love it. so appropriate and badass. love how they used and old pic of Jeff.

they need to do a nWo style angle/video where they invade gamespot offices and cut promos.

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@DeadPan said:

He was the guy on 1up yours who really killed all the wackyness that i loved. He has no sense of humor and is VERY corporate.

I really disagree. I think he's great and funny esp when he was on 1up yours. It really didn't come across today though.

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Thanks for this. I just woke up to this madness and missed most of the stream.

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@boxgamex: wonderful!

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I think If they set it in california, it would be very rockstar like if they tackled such heavy topics like illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. Maybe even have mission set in there as well.

Imagine them doing something fuckin bananas like having all the cities from GTA:SA plus Mexico.