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oops, forgot to add GT= readymix347

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bumping this.

cmon, everyone could use a hug.

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As a non multiplayer game, it should be easy. I'm on my 2nd play through and am cleaning up easily.

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I can definitely say it's much more enjoyable on new game plus with upgraded weapons. But it was a great game to begin with anyways.

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It's fun to comeback to it after taking a long break. Some of it still holds up.

Ironically, I still tend to quote it quite often. ie: no probalo, good jorb, etc

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bbq hints:

-this food has a very popular photoshop thread.

-this game marketed alcohol to minors (not really)

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definitely gotta give thanks to the duders. thank you for all the amazing content.


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off topic: did that spyhunter movie actually come out?

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

@Marz: @NovaDTH: Sorry the Pizza Sphere thing is more of a joke. I tried to bold and italic the "Sphere part.

Think of the Little Sisters part, what game is that from and what kind of Spherical travel did they use?

finally got it. perhaps actually playing the game would've help.

side note: is it actually CALLED that? weird.

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@AmonHouston: it's weird but this is somewhat related to what the bombcast talks about all the time.   

example: how for some people Mario Sunshine will be there first mario game...and that's totally fine. for you Halo was probably not your first game but when you played it, it connected with you unlike any game before it. i think that's pretty cool.  
now the more i think about it i would wanna get something from SNES era. I really dug 8/16 bit music from that era. it seems that for me, the music has had a very lasting impression on me all these years. sadly, it would be hard to reflect that with an image aka tattoo.