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The power of the cloud!

Why someone would take a day off of work on day 1 of a heavily multiplayer focused game, I have no idea. Learn from the past or repeat it. Take Friday off or something and make a 3 day weekend out of it, should be fixed by then.

I don't understand this sentiment. Failures of this magnitude are a pretty recent thing. "Learn from the past or repeat it" literally makes no sense in this context. The game is broken in ways other than strictly matchmaking. Singleplayer saves and overall performance in splitscreen is terrible. Blaming people for taking time off is perpetuating the problem. Perhaps I can offer an equally misguided quip. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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It seems like when fullscreen is working the bar appears like that originally and then the video auto-resizes to get rid of it and fill the whole screen within a second.

The aforementioned video running out of the window that I cannot reproduce right now looks like the picture posted in this thread.

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Sometimes the bar is white, this time it was grey. Doesn't appear I can get the video player to break out the right side at the moment (it seems to be random). But basically whenever coming back from full screen and the video is on the debiggened size (with the video still playing) the video seems to just stay the full screen size with the bottom left corner matched up like it should be and the rest running way off the screen.

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On a mac using chrome maximizing videos leads to massive white bars at the bottom and when exiting full screen the video breaks and goes way outside the player to the right. Seems to fix if I mess with embiggen and debiggening a bunch but it breaks nonstop. I didn't see anything about this in the known bugs or issues thread.

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Seems like this best place to post this. I've got a 'you are not logged in' on the chat window right now. Had it for the Xbox unveiling, too. I'm definitely logged in & not running any add-ons in Chrome.

I have this same problem. I am definitely logged in and can watch all the premium stuff fine, just can never chat. I'm on a mac and using chrome, but firefox is the same.

Oddly enough, I can vote in all the polls fine.

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I can't even find anywhere to input my time zone. Is this something it should be sensing automatically?

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Wrong for me as well. Showing up in PST as far as I can tell.

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@Milkman: Yea, this is actually something I've been wondering. I remember on a podcast jeff going on and on about basically his own roms off of carts, but I can't remember what system it was for or anything. I feel like it had multiple hookups for a variety of carts though.

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If Kuchera hates emulators so much, I hope no one shows him Encyclopedia Bombastica. Also, not directly replying to him on Twitter and calling him just "Forbes writer" is childish bullshit. If you're going to say something about someone, say it to them.

Totally unrelated. Are they actually using emulators? Didn't jeff get something to pull the games off of legitimate carts? Not sure how alex did it though.

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Dude can't even use ellipses properly. Some critic.