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Seeing that the OP has not had updates since Oct 29 is concerning. How is this not fixed yet?

People pay to use this site?

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I had to remove and re-add my accounts to get updated. Since then (going on 5+ days) still no updates.

What is going on?

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I noticed this too, and after over a week of not updating I removed my steam account and re-added it and it found the new achievements, but it still hasn't automatically updated since then (Going on 3+ days).

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Seems like it takes a while for my achievements to sync from steam to GB.

What is the sync frequency, as in the time of day and syncs/day?

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I remember when this came out way back and the graphics were mind blowing. It had an interesting and varied campaign, awesome creature selection, sweet physics with creature exploding into the air, multiplayer, and more.

This game needs to be remade.

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Id be interested in this also, as my rumblepad2 is not working correctly.

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Guys, has anyone got thier Logitech Rumbpad 2 to work with this game? I just got the game and the controller is detected, but the buttons are mapped wrong, pressing down on the left stick is moving up, cant attack (slight problem), and other weirdness.

I saw an old post about using a Xbox360 emulator, but when I install the files, the conrtols go from screwed up to none existant.

Id really like to use the analog controls, but as is this is unplayable.

Anyone got this to work?

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I have a number of Steam games that are out sync with Giant Bomb. For example Torchlight and Left 4 Dead 2 have achievements that have been changed/deleted yet giant bomb has the old achievement still active. This creates the situation where i have all of the steam achievements on their site, but according to giant bomb im missing that one.

Im curious if there is a plan for GB to re-sync because this is holding back a number of S status's that i have.

Games i have with problems:

Left 4 Dead 2 - removed obsolete achievement (SPIT HAPPENS)

Plants vs Zombies - doubles of achievements issue

Torchlight - removed obsolete achievement (ironman)

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