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@crusader8463: I know what you're saying, but the idea of manually entering each game is frightening. For what it's worth, Delicious Library has a companion scanner app for the iPhone – I scanned half my entire gaming collection (around 200 games) in less than an hour via the barcodes on the back of the case. Now it's all arranged in a neat little list like this.

I've been looking for a CD case with a ring binder where you can replace the pages, so when I add more discs to it I can move things around a bit easier.

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The list you have above is a great starting point. I'd also recommend these:

  • Trials
  • Trials Evolution
  • Battlefield 1942 (if the servers are still up)
  • Joe Danger
  • Geometry Wars
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
  • Braid
  • Costume Quest
  • Lucidity (one of XBLA's hidden gems, IMO)
  • Rock Band: Blitz
  • Stacking
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Over this past year I made the decision to go fully digital starting with any new consoles I picked up. I started off this trend with my 3DS and continued it when I picked up my Vita and Xbox One. I'm also planning to do the same with the PS4 and Wii U when I get them.

So, I spent the majority of today deciding what to do with my current collection of boxed games, of which I have hundreds. I wanted an easy way to keep track of what I own, what I've lent out to friends, and what boxed games I still plan to buy.

I'm using an app for the Mac called Delicious Library, it doesn't meet all the above needs, but it does a decent job keeping track of what I own.

I guess, the next step is to buy some sort of large CD/DVD wallet to store my discs, as I do still play my old consoles and I'd like easy access to these without the storage footprint.

If anyone has already made this transition, I'd really be interested in any tips you have for me going forward. Good cases/wallets, storage options etc.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Was the same for Wii U titles until about January. Just retailers trying to screw consumers during the hype window.

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With just under 36 days until Xbox One hits, I had a questions that seem to be unanswered no matter how much I search online. I wondered if the Giant Bomb community could help me shed come light on these burning questions I had:

  1. TV: Are the TV features they revealed at the original Xbox One reveal a lock for day one? I mean, are they partnering with all the cable companies or just a few? Will those different boxes support all the TV guide features, fantasy football etc. What about other areas in the world? I'm from the UK, where Sky is dominant. Will I be able to plug in my Virgin TiVo box and watch football and enjoy the perks of stats and scores for example?
  2. Entertainment: Will the usual suspects have apps ready for launch? You'd assume Microsoft are working with the likes of YouTube, Netflix, HBO GO and ESPN to have apps ready to go on launch day.
  3. Digital Games: Since the 180, Microsoft have been pretty quiet on this front. I think it's been confirmed that games will launch day and date alongside retail, but what about price? Pre-loading? Downloading through the web-app and coming home to a finished download. I'm planning to go down this rabbit hole and wouldn't mind a little more info on the perks of a digital locker.
  4. HDMI Pass-Through: I'm pretty sure Major Nelson confirmed you could plug an Xbox 360 into an Xbox One. What does that even mean, and is that a workaround for backwards compatibility. Can I play Xbox 360 games with the Xbox One overlays or doesn't it work like that. Again, I'd like a little more clarification on the HDMI-In.

Maybe these have been answered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find them. Any help with these or sources where these questions are answered, I'd be eternally grateful.


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I expressed similar thoughts on Twitter earlier this morning.

I loved the finale, it ended just how I wanted it to. I will say though, that finale could have done with an extra half an hour. It's not necessarily what they could have added, I would have just preferred a slower ride to the end credits. The roller coaster that was the last two episodes needed more winding down time IMO, speaking specifically about the some of the scene's that tied back into Season 5's flash forwards (the diner, his old home).

Regardless of my issues regarding length, it has to go down by far as the greatest television show of all time!

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@leebmx I'm actually going down to BOXPARK on Monday night also. I've been to quite a few game and console launches, and for the most part they're fucking awesome.

I must say though, from what I can tell, Rockstar aren't supporting these launches in any sort of official capacity. Because of this, the launch might be no more than queuing up, getting the game and going home on the bus.

No problem with that as I suppose that's what you're there for, but I do love the odd giveaway and the spectacle of a launch event when publishers and stores team up and do crazy shit between waiting in line and the game going on sale.

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I agree with the OP, I just loved how they sidestepped the whole creepy house and familiar tropes to tell a love story.

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I know 2007 set a pretty high bar, but what do you think? Q4 is still around the corner, and let's assume for a second that The Wolf Among Us, GTA V, Beyond, Rain, Puppeteer are at least-half decent, not mentioning the hidden gems that might pop up before we close out the year.

The Last of UsSuper Mario Galaxy
BioShock InfiniteBioShock
DmC: Devil May CryPortal
Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of RedemptionCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Gone HomeHalo 3
Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsGod of War II
Animal Crossing: New LeafGuitar Hero II
Year WalkMass Effect
The SwapperMetroid Prime 3
Tomb RaiderUncharted

Looking good, video games.

Note: By no means am I comparing these title side by side, it just felt easier to lay them out... side by side.

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P.S. Can a mod do an embed on that Youtube link, I'm on my phone currently.