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This sort of happened with that whole Mojang/Bethesda "Scrolls" debacle a while back. I seem to recall it being the result of some bit of trademark law that basically meant lawyers have to constantly attack anyone who might even be seen as maybe infringing on their trademark, or else they could lose it in court if someone ever does actually infringe on it legitimately. It's a bad scene all around, really.

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@mrpapershead: Are you sure it was on SNES? Because Phantasy Star II on the Genesis totally had a system of cloning your characters to bring them back to life after death.

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I am on a vision quest across the internet to find a game I played sometime around 2007. It was a first-person action RPG, vaguely similar to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic or Arx Fatalis, less so to Oblivion and Legend of Grimrock. It was obviously unfinished, perhaps just a prototype that was eventually abandoned. You started as a strangely trapezoidal warrior with significant musculature and tiny legs (which you could see when you looked down) who was naked but for a loincloth, in a dungeon made up of rather well bump-mapped bricks, with some really solid dynamic lighting provided by torches. You beat up a few very green (like really green) little goblins, gathered armor, knocked around some physics-enabled barrels and eventually faced off against some rather powerful skeletons. The name "Ogre" keeps coming to mind, and I think it might've been made with Ogre 3D, the graphics engine, but that may be untrue. I have been through several databases to no avail. I'm almost certain it died in development, but I'm definitely sure that I downloaded and played an alpha version of it. Help me internet! You're my only hope!

I also vaguely recall a windowed menu interface with a picture of a golem or other stony creature in center frame. That could be something else mixing in my mind though.

Nothing has made me more sad than

which is not the right game but absurdly close.

If this description comes up in your Googling that is because I have seeded it as many locations as I can, because it's kindofa long shot. I keep accidentally running across it and getting my hopes up.

RESOLVED It got submitted to the IGF so I found it on there. Holy damn.

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List buttons (Up, down, delete) don't work on Firefox, but they do work on IE. Except you can't save list changes on IE, but you can save them on Firefox. I am caught in an unending hell of list editing!

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You're half right. Click on all the instruments... But you need vocals too. Funnily you could watch the quick look for an example.

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I am completely tired of hearing about this already. The game isn't great, but it isn't outright terrible either. It's a pretty shameless ripoff of Day Z, but that's not inherently evil. Just kinda scummy, like most of the game's practices. Not worth making such a huge stink over. Perhaps I'd feel differently if I had spent any money on it.

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The whole experience feels so vague and non-specific that it really lets you pull out whatever you want to read into it.

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It's... not really a game, exactly. It's more of a toy that sort of tells a story. If anything it's an anti-game. It's bizarre. It involves a lot of waiting and a lot of watching and not very much meaningful interaction.