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I'm definitely up for this but it is way too early to start picking teams. I've been doing this for a few years now and I'd recommend you only do it if you're sure you have true grit. It's a long season and kind of annoying when people drop off from playing.

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Ugh, anything is better than Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG combined.

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Wow you idiots are getting cleverer, lol.

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Sounds like you need to get used to it bud. Eventually they'll be another technology that will replace all your Blu-ray, CD's and games that will render those platforms obsolete. Not to mention that stuff doesn't last forever. Even data. For what its worth yeah it sucks but that's the way it goes.


Some bum from the 80's who lost floppy disk data, VHS, cassettes and vinyls due to tech evolution and the elements.

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I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I've watched all of Twin Peaks but I sure as shit don't remember David Bowie in there. Am I dreaming?

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@random45 said:
This is why game journalism should be more professional. Opinion articles ALWAYS tackle a controversial topic, and ALWAYS generate a lot of hits because of that.

I don't see that as being very different from Editorials and opinion pieces in newspapers to be honest.

What bothers me (and I find occasionally on or example) are links to gaming websites where it's like top 20 something or other (for example), you go to the site and its just a messy advert ridden site with 2-3 words per line because they haven't applied CSS properly or the ads squeeze the text and you have to go through 21 clicks to fully read the article (I usually don't bother reading if I find that mind you).

It's not so much the 21 clicks that bother me. If the site looks decent enough I'll pay that. But when it looks like a ad ridden pile of hot garbage in poorly implemented CSS mess I usually leave a comment giving them info like what sort of computer, resolution, browser/version I'm using and what it looks like to me hoping they improve it. 1/10 times I'll get a response where they'll genuinely care about my feedback and ask more about it or ask for screenshots which I'm more than happy to give.

9/10 times they'll delete my comment and come weeks later they have a new article and its the same shitty looking site. I find that really pathetic and my memory is good enough to remember those sites and avoid.

Re: Click bait articles, well usually you can spot them a mile away. Best thing to do is not go there. If clicks is what they want then you're only giving them what they're after. Revenue!

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Because it's designed by committee, focus tested to the point where there's barely any personality left

So triple AAA games should be designed by one person and not tested thoroughly? Not that these links are definitive but can lead you into the right direction for more information: SDLC and VGD

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This is pretty cool. Can't believe only 1/35 devs put any sort of Mass Effect game in there. Good to see Wii Sports (+Resort) get some votes.

You know what is the only thing to do now is rank those into a comprehensive top ten.

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Borderlands. I really liked the art style but the game itself just didn't click with me. Can say the same about Dragon Age as well.