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Dear god no to MMO's and whatevea the hell MOBA's are.

Sure its good that Brad does a feature on something he likes but surely he has tastes in other games.

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Who cares,,,

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Although I do have a Facebook account and use it pretty much every day, the last few months has made me seriously consider deactivating it.

Do it man, it shall set you free

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I'm surprised this it's not featured on the GB front page. At least until Brad's DOTA thing starts.

Dear god, another Brad Dota thing? How's the guy gonna do a Goty award list at the end of the year when all he's playing is bloomin' Dota lol.

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Shopping with women and most System Analysis and Design lectures and assignments have been the most tedious.

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Yeah I voted more with my heart on this. LA Noire 2 would probably be great if they can improve upon the formula.

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0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds

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@wonderva Why bother watching it if you're not going to watch Season 2? Obviously Ryan watched it because he knew he didn't like it. Why not watch it and form your own opinion on it? Season 2 has some of the best episodes in the whole series (I'm talking 2-3 episodes here guys, lets not get too carried away).

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@brendan said:

I bought Call of Duty 3 after I had gotten COD 2 with my Xbox 360 on launch day and had countless hours of great memories with. I bought COD 3 before I began more intensely following online coverage of games and got it exclusively off my experience with COD 2. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

Single player aside, in my opinion this is the only COD multiplayer worth playing. You played it recently?