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Yeah I voted more with my heart on this. LA Noire 2 would probably be great if they can improve upon the formula.

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@wonderva Why bother watching it if you're not going to watch Season 2? Obviously Ryan watched it because he knew he didn't like it. Why not watch it and form your own opinion on it? Season 2 has some of the best episodes in the whole series (I'm talking 2-3 episodes here guys, lets not get too carried away).

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@brendan said:

I bought Call of Duty 3 after I had gotten COD 2 with my Xbox 360 on launch day and had countless hours of great memories with. I bought COD 3 before I began more intensely following online coverage of games and got it exclusively off my experience with COD 2. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

Single player aside, in my opinion this is the only COD multiplayer worth playing. You played it recently?

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Super Mario 3D Land for sure. I mean you're already thinking about it.

I played Ocarina of Time for the first time recently on the 3DS and its pretty meh... you have to put some effort into it to get to the more interesting dungeons (Loved the Water Temple). Link Between Worlds is much better as Xanadu mentioned earlier.

Digital Wise? Dunno really, I find the 3DS has a pretty bland/expensive selection. I just got Another World 20th Anniversary Edition but I wouldn't recommend it unless you played it back in the day and can accept they fucked up by not actually putting the console/megadrive music in it (even though there is a setting that says Console Music, it doesn't have the console music at all)

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FFVIII was disappointing in comparison to how good FFVII was at the time.

On the flip side, I bought Aliens Colonial Marines Limited Edition for $20 recently and I'm absolutely floored by how good it is compared to my expectations.

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After Vinny does his thing I love how its got that Wrestling promo feel.

"Let me tell you something Mean Gene!"

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Happens on Mozilla also. I find its because of the comment text box. Seriously how hard is it to clear a damn text box/textarea every time the page is refreshed or a reply is added?

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Gameplay > graphics. But then I grew up playing at Arcades, DOS games, 8bit, 16bit...etc.

Whilst graphics were still important back then it always was more about the gameplay.

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I'm not a fan of mobile gaming or mobiles in general, I hardly use mine as it is and really dislike the technology and peoples over reliance on it (Whats with everyone looking at their phone every goddamn second, gen-Y & Z especially). I do agree with most of the points laid out by the OP however.

When it comes to mobile gaming you have to consider what the developers are up against and the market. Most people will only play your game for 2 minutes at a time, if at all. They more than likely won't pay anything for it. Couple of months later and then there's damn clones of your game out. How do you make money from that? And when I say money I mean something you can live off when you've put in the effort to make something to earn you a living. Especially if you are just one person making a mobile game that you would like to pay your rent and eek out a morsel of food on your table. Smaller teams is what I'm really arguing for here.

The technology is also limited in what it can do. The interaction between the user and the game is reduced to a touch screen and people only use it during transit or if they have a few minutes where they have to wait in the real world. It's more than likely not going to satisfy people who aren't casual gamers and its pretty hard to create a meaningful experience on this medium due to this. The medium does suit smaller puzzle games or simulator games simply because of how much control you have on it and how you can pick it up very easily from where you left off without too much consequence.

Great write up @koolaid. Don't feel you need to justify what you do on a gaming site. You certainly put up a great argument however its a battle that will never end with a win for either side.