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The one about James Files being the grassy knoll gunman is very plausible. The murder of JFK and alleged murder of Marilyn Monroe are probably my favourites. ooh and Aliens man.

Not really a conspiracy theory but I find the Bermuda Triangle intriguing.

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I'm not one to mess all over someone's personal preferences, but sheeeeeeeeeeeesh this list.

Yeah. A PS1 list with no JRPGs? No Persona, no Final Fantasy 9? You are straight dusted OP.

I think it's a list of someone that was much younger when the PS1 came out than yourselves. Myself included also. I only played Crash Bandicoot Warped out of this list and yeah it would be on my list for best PS1 games.

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Would easily be in my top ten list for "games of the generation"

I went round and got every song and damn collectible in that game simply because it was fun and rewarding. I even found it to be better playing through it the second time around.

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Maybe you sexy Aussies can enlighten me. Is there ever any pushback to the government censorship of games? Like from prominent Australian games writers or media figures potentially? I'm just generally wondering if these things get banned and everyone's just sort of bummed out but accept it, or are there groups that are actively trying to change things.

I'm not Australian but I do live in Oz. There was a push to get the R18+ classification but that's about it. It's not really that high an agenda for idk like 75% of people.

There are ways around it anyways. I got MK9 shipped over from New Zealand when it was banned. Also on my 360 I have two extra profiles, one English, one American so i can purchase games not available in this region. Its not a big deal tbh.

The only thing that bothers me is when I game is released like South Park where they edit the content. The US version is the only uncensored version out there and the physical copies won't work on an Australian 360. That gets mah goat!

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I don't get people absolute hate for the Wii remote, I just started using it last year (never had a Wii before), but I really like how it works, specially when coupled with a nunchuck.


@rafaelfc: I agree I also quite like the wii mote, my only slight problem I find with it is it can start getting a bit uncomfortable if you're using it for more than a couple hours without a break.

Yep that's why. Plus some games just don't need this uncomfortable controller separation. Xenoblade Chronicles with nunchuk and Wiimote is unnecessary. Resident Evil Archives I solely use a Wiimote and its terrible, even worse with the nunchuk too.

But it does suit some games mind you.

On topic: No sympathy OP, sorry. Not just because of your situation but also because of your negative venting thread.

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I'm just not getting these Amiibo's at all. Just seems like a waste of money.

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Check out theNewBoston youtube channel. He teaches from the basics to advanced level in many different programming languages.

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I bought OoT for the 3ds when it came out because I have literally never played a zelda game and I had heard this was the best. Couldn't get into it and ended up re-selling it so I won't be buying this one. I guess I'm just not a zelda guy.

Yeah I first played it on 3DS. How far did you get through it? I found it really dull in the first few hours but got into it after a while. It doesn't hold your hand much in telling you what to do and where to go. I kinda found that frustrating.

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Only just found out about Sting at Survivor Series. Has he had a match in WWE yet?

No. Most likely his first and last match will be with the Undertaker at WM31.

Isn't he against Triple HHH?

His crow storyline back in the day where he hid in the rafters was pretty cool I thought.

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I've never played it but its a day one for me. 3D Zelda is good but I prefer the 2D ones better.