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@recspec said:

This year was fun! ...3DS were strong

I thought the 3DS had a terrible year new release wise.
@recspec said: Puyo Puyo (popular puzzle game in Japan that most Americans only know as Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine).
You mean to the rest of the world.
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No controller support!? Are they mental?

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Ladystalker, the "spiritual" sequel to Landstalker that was released on the SNES only in Japan. Being a mad fan of Landstalker I was really looking forward to playing another game like it from Climax.

They don't make great isometric viewed games like that anymore :(

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@krataur said:

Colbert's had some great guests for his final shows. I'm not much of a rap fan at all, but I enjoyed Lamar's performance.

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Also this Colbert guy seems like a camera hogging knob.

I'm going to assume your excuse for not knowing who Colbert is is that you're not from the US (your use of the word "knob" supports this theory). Not that you've been living under a rock for the past 9 years.

Thank God I'm not ;) and who watches tv these days?

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Lyrically its interesting but the song as a whole sounds like a bad acid trip.This is a dramatic change from what he has done previously isn't it?

Also this Colbert guy seems like a camera hogging knob.

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I'd like to see it just because it was a shit year for game. Zodiac sometimes tells it like it is and I like his dumb avatar. Always makes me laugh as his hand is not great but he looks pretty chuffed with it.

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All Halo and Gears of War games I don't like for the same reasons pretty much. Crap story, one dimensional characters, floaty controls and dull gameplay.

One positive is Halo has really great music in game.

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@rebel_scum: Do other games have similarly high prices in the eShop?

Yeah some of the indie games on it are roughly $20. I think that's what I paid for Another World 20th Anniversary Edition. But then I would've moved heaven and earth for that game :)

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Here's some math

3ds at 33%

180k * .33 = 59400 * $25AUD = THATS MILLION BUCKS

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I don't complain much about game prices after having spent $160 on 16bit era games in the past but $25 for this on 3ds is a bit much for what it is. I really want to try it out though.