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A well done New Game+ I won't scoff at. Nier is a good example. Well actually any game that I find highly replayable I don't mind a New Game+. Other stuff you mentioned like different skins, weapons etc. not so much. So I voted no.

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Hope the lawyers are saying their prayers and eating their vitamins.

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Do you play any other genres besides open world? Maybe delve into some 2d goodness? Sounds a bit like you're approaching open world burnout. Symptoms do persist if applying ubisoft to the wound endlessly.

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@auron570 said:

This is an honest question. I simply cannot fathom paying roughly $75 for a new console game.

That's nothing. Back in the cartridge days in NZ a new Megadrive game would cost $170-190. A new "AAA" Master System title would be $120. Games are cheaper these days and there's a more varied market to buy from so the consumer is winning at the moment in my books.

Only exception to this I find is Nintendo game pricing. Look at a title like Fire Emblem Awakening, on the eShop its $89.95 AUD, in store you can pick it up from $53.99 minimum (I'm talking in Australia here). In the U.S. on eShop its $39.99 now on Sale for $27.99. These are pretty frustrating figures for me to fathom here.

But yeah, apart from Nintendo, I have no qualms about game prices. However I do acknowledge that its probably Nintendo that have it right in terms of not undervaluing their software.

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Good luck @thatpinguino

I must've started this game like 5 times from the beginning and never finished it. I still have the motivation to do it, just not the time. Reading this should be good. Is this Masterpiece edition not the version where you can move without clicking for the next frame?

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I just wish I could turn trailers off generally. I don't want to watch trailers. Do people still watch trailers?

I rarely watch trailers for movies and games. They usually end up giving away too much of the story.

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4Gb's is ok but yeah it depends on what you're using the laptop for. I think the new modern standard is 8Gb's RAM however,

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Knowing what games may help. You'll probably find that some games might be better off sold separately.

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Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii/3DS is JRPG perfection imo.

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Brutal Legend, but I'm okay with the idea that not everything needs a sequel.