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I just hope Barry doesn't screw up again like he did with that rope.

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My contract says we can go for a 10 minute walk every hour. No one does that though. Maybe one walk in the morning or afternoon but its so goddamn busy trying to get projects over the line that no one goes for a walk.

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Toss up between Yoshi's new Island and Watch Dogs, neither really deserve it but I just haven't played anything else from this year.

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I think Goty should be limited to five games this year due to the absence of quality.

Watch Dogs was disappointing but despite its shortcomings I'm really enjoying it at the moment. Just need DLC to bring in helicopters, Bazookas, more missions, more gang hideouts and no more fixer contracts, especially transporter ones.

As for Destiny and Titanfall, well they always were going to be mediocre.

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I really despise the term hardcore gaming...

But pretty much what Itwongo said. Limited controls and more often than not the limited time frame/ attention span people have for that platform.

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Where's the option for "I would, if Bungie told good stories"

or "Dunno, haven't played and want to see poll results"

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I was using black before the re-design. After the re-design I changed to white as I found the red font color really horrid on black(as well as the @callSomeoneOut functionality font color). I think they've changed it a bit since the initial roll out but it still doesn't look as good as the old site to me.

So white it is!

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So has Bungie just created a re-hashed Halo? What I mean is the do the controls/movement feel the same with the same type of gameplay just with different skins.

I haven't seen any footage of this game at all so I'm curious to see if Bungie, given free reign have created something a bit more unique than just another Halo-like shooter

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@frostyryan: I don't know what you're on about man. The thread is about AAA devs that are the worst for story. Nintendo fit that bill.