Back in the blog thing...


So i thought makin a new blog since i have a long time not doin it and im bored so whatever gonna write something here...

Umm im gonna talk about these days. What can i say ive been so pissed off today cuz yesterday my teacher took my phone saying you will get this in the end of the year. I was like WTF O_o

First thing she didnt take it from me but from a friend who was playing with it. To tell u the truth my phone is like a little psp with more than 50 games in it so its busy all the school time by my friends playing with it :P

And second since when teachers keep the phones until the end of the year, i mean ill probably forget about it and she will sell it for sure D-<

But after i argued with my teacher since the first until the last period she finally gave it to me maybe thinkin "this dude wont ever back down, ill give him that dam n phone and go away"

Sorry for the arch words but i was goin to fight her if she insisted keepin it.

Thats all about the phone. About the music i found a new website where it suggests u bands and singers similar to the one u wrote how cool is that :D

About school i've been havin fun, like its the first time :P. Seriously today we was like all crazy. Joking with the teachers, mocking them, playing music like the new pitbull song i know u want me when the teacher was reading a romantic tale on the literature class :P.

After that we went at a chorus competion for our school singin and makin the voice like a baritone :P

Well thats all im not lazy to write right now. Ohh nd i got both batman and modern warfare 2 games and i gotta say those are the games of the year :D

Well thats all and im out... Peace

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Birthday celebration, i will always remember this...


So yesterday i celebrated my birthday not in the city where i live but where i birthed so i celebrated it with my childhood friends.

U know there are a lot of people with a great sense of humor that made me roll in the floor laughin that later did a funny thing that i will explain.

So i hosted a party invitin all my friends, they invited theirs so there were a lot of strangers but who cares i made some extra friends. We ordered some pizzas, alcohol, cola's for the "kids" ;) and some other grubs.

We didnt eat much only drinkin like a regular party. Makin fun of the drunken dudes, fightin with food :D fun stuff

Of course as i said the random jokes were there makin me laugh so hard that my stomach hurted.

And here the surprise. After all those drinks, foods, and a lot of body shaking from laugh i puked i know ewwww :P

I must remember that cuz i dont know anyone that puked from laughin. Im the first one yea im the rebel :D

The other part of party was fun makin me love that day. Of course when i cutted the cake i made a wish which is gettin accomplished everyday since than. God listened to my voice yeeehaww.

Well thats all. Hope i didnt miss anythin. Im out, later...


Alone in the night

I know it sound like a horror movie but its what happened to me last night.So enjoy the story.U know i m kinda a romantic guy so instead of watching tv last night i went out in my own.My parents werent home by the way.

I was tired of parties so i though to pass that night in peace.I went out in a great peaceful atmosphere to high ground where u can see all the city of Tirana.U will ask arent u affraid.What the worse that can happen to me? Some thugs showing off that are later with eyes in a shade of gray

Anyway i went out there and started thinkin about things in my life.Friends,parents yelling(long story),girls,summer in one word what is goin on with my life.First this summer plas blew up cuz of my grandpa.He is sick at this time and we are paying a lot of money to heal him.My dream is to travel the world especially America and Japan but i dunno how much is it going to fulfill.We planned this year to go to Turkey but it is history.

Also i were thinkin how fast this year passed.I feel like school started a week ago.Also the summer is going very fast.Were half a way now.And i m also going to the middle of adolescence

Thinkin all of that a big truck passing by ruined my lets say "peace time".I understood it was time to go home.I saw the clock.It was 4.41am.I headed to home listening to my ipod.I tried to choose a peaceful song and it turned to be Im yours - Jason Mraz . A cool song for that moment. I went home and slept for a sec. woke up at 2pm

That was my day.Tell me whatcha think and i will reply to u... lata ...