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So i thought makin a new blog since i have a long time not doin it and im bored so whatever gonna write something here...

Umm im gonna talk about these days. What can i say ive been so pissed off today cuz yesterday my teacher took my phone saying you will get this in the end of the year. I was like WTF O_o

First thing she didnt take it from me but from a friend who was playing with it. To tell u the truth my phone is like a little psp with more than 50 games in it so its busy all the school time by my friends playing with it :P

And second since when teachers keep the phones until the end of the year, i mean ill probably forget about it and she will sell it for sure D-<

But after i argued with my teacher since the first until the last period she finally gave it to me maybe thinkin "this dude wont ever back down, ill give him that dam n phone and go away"

Sorry for the arch words but i was goin to fight her if she insisted keepin it.

Thats all about the phone. About the music i found a new website where it suggests u bands and singers similar to the one u wrote how cool is that :D

About school i've been havin fun, like its the first time :P. Seriously today we was like all crazy. Joking with the teachers, mocking them, playing music like the new pitbull song i know u want me when the teacher was reading a romantic tale on the literature class :P.

After that we went at a chorus competion for our school singin and makin the voice like a baritone :P

Well thats all im not lazy to write right now. Ohh nd i got both batman and modern warfare 2 games and i gotta say those are the games of the year :D

Well thats all and im out... Peace

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WTF  :-o

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@govermentcheese said:
" Ok  i will try that. I havent even played the game more than 5 mins . Thats for the advice..  Has anyone played the game all the way through yet. "
Well i did and it was kinda frustatin in the beginning but than u will get used to it. As for the mouse if u have small RAM u cant play with it cuz u will take more than 30 secs to aim at an enemys spot u want. If u have enough RAM for that game u should be fine ;)
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@guiseppe said:
" Sure you're not still drunk? Anyway, congrats on the awesome party! "
Some sleepin can make everything go away
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@Khann said:
" I do believe you've fabricated part of this story.  The part where you threw a party. Your parents threw a party. The part where you had alcohol for the bigguns and cola for the "kids". You were one of the "kids". The part where you drank said alcohol. You didn't. The part where you spewed from laughing. You spewed from retarded.                  IMO "
Well IMO Only the party throwin is tru i dont have the money to throw it and for the other parts u got it totally wrong IMO always xD
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@Khann said:
" I think you should stick to the cola, "kid". "
well it depends on what cola mixed with somethin or pure xD
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@phlegms said:
" Indeed, I wholeheartedly concur. "
Umm big word i dont understand xD 
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@ieatlions said:
" THIS MAKES 100 % sense. "
u see dbz theres nothing not to understand here xD
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@turbomonkey138 said:
" Posting while drunk ? "
Dude i was drunk yesterday xD
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@dbz1995 said:

" Woah, dude, what? "

 Yea dude thats right all that is for real 
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