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This is pretty much just pre-ordering the DLC and getting it early with a few extras. It seems like a good deal if you wanted to buy all the DLC drops. 6000k MSP if you bought them all separate or 4000k MSP if you get this. I don't see why so many people are shitting on this..

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Does anyone know which TV's they got for the new Giantbomb offices and if they where any good?

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Counter-Strike 1.3 I think it was. When I was a bit younger I would watch my uncle play Rouge Spear but I never played it myself.

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Wow really guys, you would rather wait a whole week to get the game than to pay 3 bucks more.

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So far I have 3 coal, 25% off Valve and 25% off 1c. I know it's not much but I will trade all of that for a key.

I also have 8.5k crowns in Spiral Knights and a few extra Vintage TF2 guns if that would be a better trade.

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@CaLe said:

It happened to me and I'm 100% certain I wasn't fucking 'socially engineered' (god I hate this term). I speak to exactly one person online, I'm not on any social networks, I've never entered my details into funny looking websites to get free microsoft points or whatever. Them saying that I was socially engineered is a damned insult. I'm glad I got my shit back, but I won't accept any responsibility that I somehow got my own account compromised. I also don't use a weak-ass password so that's bullshit too.

I think they mean MS reps get socially engineered not the account holder.

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40+ hours in and I've only had 3 freezes and one glitched up quest. I know there are a few more glitches I've ran across but they've been helpful so I don't mind them.

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I've been to DC and idk if that would make a fun place to play around in.

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Yeah just circle around them until you get a chance to hit their back. Wait for them to attack then you should have a good shot at hitting them. I don't do much damage and I didn't have much problems killing them.

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@Edin899 said:

@Pr1mus said:

@Edin899: Why didn't you try it before buying it?

I am from the netherlands you can';t rent games here it's illegal lol. So yeah i have to buy every single game :-(

I mean i can see y some people like this game alot, but i think the majority of people will return it really soon.

No the majority of people read a review or two, maybe watch a video or have played the game that came before this to know if they would like it.