If you are on the fence for 360/PS3 release of Ninja Gaiden 3:Razors Edge, read this

In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Ayane's Chapter 11 was, without a doubt(in my mind) the laziest addition to the entire game. From the uninspired copy and paste textures, to the boring paths and unchanged A.I. When I read Ayane has her own levels in NG3:RE, you can understand my indifference to the news.

So what If I told you Ayane's Day 2 level was the most frustrating level in the game? It's not what you think...at all. The frustration doesn't stem from unfairness or bad design,but from the question 'Why can't the whole game be like this?!"

They can still make a great game! Hidden passages, multiple paths, optional back tracking and fun if not dizzying (and tight)platforming. This level is a culmination of what I love about NG. Fights aren't just kill rooms but the city of Paris is your bloody canvas. Sure, there are still kill rooms, but how they pace them is what counts.

But...when it ends you are put back: Ryu- Day 3: Abismo Island, a stark contrast from the amazing and challenging city of Paris. It is frustrating, to see the greatness that could of been, but wasn't.

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