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I took mine about a month before I turned 17. I only got it because all the stores around me got serious about not selling M games without an ID. Went out and bought all three God of War games on my birthday. Good times. I drove somewhere I'd never been and the only mistakes I remember making were not signalling when I pulled out from the curb and driving too close to the other lane. The written permit test was easy after the hours of online courses I had to go through.

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ART-It-SIN. Bascially B with the S changed.

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189. You stub your toe and look up to check how much health it took off.

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You handled this perfectly. You've easily shown more character in your apology than simply saying it would have. Everyone knows you didn't mean anything by it.

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I didn't even know this could be considered strange. I though going to kid's movies without a kid was the only thing you might want to avoid. A restaurant I can understand though, but maybe that's just because I don't like eating out period.

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@Toxeia: You're thinking of Chromium OS. Chromium is the linux version of chrome with some minor differences. I'm pretty sure they develop the Chromium builds first and then tweak them with things like auto updating for the Chrome release. Pretty identical experiences as far as I can tell though.

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Chromium. I'd give firefox another try but it seems like their Vimium extension isn't as capable and I don't like the alternatives much. It still blows my mind when I realize most people still use a mouse to click on links. It just seems like a completely insane way to do things.

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I'm really beginning to hate this trend of facebook being integrated with everything. I shouldn't have to make a fake account on a completely unrelated service to get the most out of games.

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Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal I think. I'm pretty sure it had pregame lobby keyboard chat. Main thing I remember is trying to figure out what g^ stood for. And I'm pretty sure I couldn't get it to work through our modem and I ended up using dial-up. Good times.

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@mandude: Well you asked for it. It seems like there is an understood rule in society that everything hand related will favor use by the right hand over the left. This works because right handed people aren't often forced to use their left hand and left handed people become naturally more ambidextrous by having to use their right hand, so they aren't bothered as much either. In a car you must be able to access the controls in the center. The only way you are able to do this with you right hand is if you are seated on the left. If you are seated on the left you must drive on the right side of the road so you make sure you're not in danger of hitting oncoming traffic. As for the chips/crisps thing, your standard french fry cannot be nor does it resemble anything chipped. A potato chip is known for its chipping qualities, hence the name. I could go on but Mass Effect just finished installing so I don't really need to kill any more time.