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If you bought the bundle after November 1st, unfortunately there will be no Ryse :(

I tried!

But, hey, I still have a new Xbox One! (that I won't be able to play until the semester is over!)

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Somewhere beyond the sea.

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I have a few codes to give out. Just PM!

I have 2-3 America PS4 codes FYI!

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I enjoy the episodes but consuming them with months in between is a terrible form of entertainment.

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Giant Bomb is good peoples.

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As you should.

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Here's a code for any of y'all!


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I forgot if I even signed up D:

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@snail said:
@blacklagoon said:

@snail: @reckless_x: Well, Ubisoft seems to have been a bit unclear on what was happening to it in the years since the reveal, but the official story now is that Patriot was a PS3/360 game that was canceled, while Siege is a new title built from the ground up for the PS4/One.

So we should just leave two separate pages for both games, as it currently is, and rename Patriots to append "(cancelled)" at the end of the title (though by looking at the Canceled Games concept page, it seems like that initiative fell through?).

I'd say we add (cancelled) to Patriots and start anew for Siege

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It's easier to be cynical and snarky than optimistic and hopeful.

Personally, the growing negativity in the medium (particularly the journalism aspect) is highly offputting and something I'm going to actively avoid in the future.

I play games for fun. I don't need that negativity in my life. Nobody does.