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When all the drama went down over at, Jeff posted/blogged about 'GiantBomb.. and the rest is history  =)~

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*pondering* Oblivion, N3, and Viva Pinata... I would have more on that list but I really hate playing ranked matches and a lot of my games, that's all I'm missing.... lol

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yes.. and i still do, i bought my black xbox at launch  :D

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joshuapohl said:
"I am changing my gamertag name soon and was wondering if any of awesome people at giantbomb had any suggestions. Suggestions anyone?


How did you come up with your gamertag?

I came up with mine because I love any to do with reconnaissance & I'm very good at finding anything and everything.. and I love to snipe  ;) 

Also.. you might want to try out this generator
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mastergiani said:
"imo if you waste your money on things like picture packs you just have way to much money
" my case, *pondering*, I've used left over points to pick up a few gamertag pics.. I like Team DZN's stuff and a few others
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Really? I haven't dl'd anything since because of it.. lol.. thanks 'L'  ;)
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Thank you Elsa.. I'll keep that in mind ;)
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Died.... as in red ring of death? I'm on my 4th x360.. sadly
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Yes! Though, I have to admit I don't play it as much as I use to because of the next-gen consoles.. but I love all my consoles.. And I'll probably be put on the cross for this, but my original xbox (from launch) plays just as good if not better than my 4th x360.. yes, I'm on my 4th now because of the red ring of death syndrome
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I would have to say No More Heroes and Boom Blox when I want to smack around some animals .... heh
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