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@babychoochoo: Thank you so much for the help and recommending Vindictus, this game was no ware near my radar. I stayed up pretty late watching a twitch player and the combat in the game really does look fantastic. I think I'm going to give it a try.

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@babychoochoo: Thanks for the feedback , very helpful.

Is there another MMO you might recommend?

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I want to start playing one of these MMO's again but i can't decide which one.

I think it might come down to how popular they are and how many people are still playing them. I don't want to be stuck in ques to long :P

Star wars: The old republic

Guild wars 2

Think you could give me a hand deciding, which would you choose?

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Since Kyle has been talking about Tomb Raider this week on his wonderful show The Final Bosman, It kind of stirred up some thoughts about a Glitch I found in the new Tomb Raider that I sent to Kotuku. Here is the Article:Here . I want to first explain something here so you understand the background story and why I sent it to them, so please, bare with me.

I think it’s fair to say that most people that have been gaming for the past decade might remember the first PlayStation console. If you don’t, pleases listen to this [ Disclaimer] Don’t get mad at me for making you want to play some PS1: . In that generation, Tomb Raider was the game that broke into the 3rd dimension in ways I never thought was possible. I was completely mesmerized by the game and played the living hell out of it. In fact, I played the living hell out of all the Tomb Raiders from that point on.

In elementary school, I was shocked to hear that there was a glitch in the game that if you performed correctly it would render Lora naked. I was only 13 at the time so you can image what I did when I got home from school that day. Hours and hours me and my buddy tried to perform the glitch. Back then we didn’t have YouTube and we depended on word of mouth and game magazines to tell us everything we knew. Needless to say, the glitch never happened and our poor young adolescent hearts were broken ; P. Surprisingly, this glitch had spread like wild fire threw out my school. Some of the kids where saying they got it to work. A bunch of us would head over to their house and sit around the TV playing for hours trying to figure it out. Their mom would give us kool aid and sandwiches as we sat on the floor eating and desperately trying to get it to work. We even started calling people we knew at school who said they figured it out and asking them how they did it. It was a fruitless adventure from the beginning.

I keep asking myself, were we really just a bunch of little perverts back then? Probably, but the real truth is, it was a great excuse to get together and hang out, plus the bragging rights at school would have made you a god.. Yes, we lost the mission but we won hours of fun and years of new friendships. Thinking back now, this little Glitch was much bigger than just seeing someone naked, it reminds me of an era we just don’t have anymore. A time when we sat on the cold floor nestled around the TV shouting at each other as one of our buddys would keep watch at the door for a parent that might walk in as we pulled off the trick. Fueled on sugar and sandwiches, we sat there together.

Some of those friends have past away on me over the years. Whenever I see an article or web post on Tom Raider I always think of them.

Well, its many years later and me and a buddy of mine are once again playing the latest Tomb Raider game that something unexpected happened. After being to close to a Pipe I accidently ignited it killing me instantly, but when the game reloaded all of Loras meshes and skin textures started acting up. I reloaded the last save several times until it seemingly fixed itself. It wasn’t till I walked up to another pipe that you could see Loras tank top start to disappear revealing what many have dubbed the “Mono Boob” . It was a strange glitch, that didn’t completely expose her but left me asking some questions about some oddly shaped square stains that were placed over the exact location she would have her nipples.

I happened to be recording my game at the time and was able to capture this. I sat there for a good hour or so debating on whether or not I should post this, in fact I actually started a thread asking people’s opinions about it here:

Eventually, I sent it into Kotuku and they published it. Reading threw the comments from people it was clear that some of us understood that this was more than just about looking at boobs, that it was about re-living a time. For me the nostalgia of the situation and a strange sense of closer to things is what ultimately made me send it in. For a little while there I think many of us felt like kids again, all huddled around that old bulky TV trying to get the trick to work. I had received several thousand E-Mails from people asking me how I managed to get this glitch to work. A lot of those people I still continue to talk to as we shared similar child hoods and understood that this was more of an old grudge that needed to be rectified. I understood it because I lived it, as did the many thousands of people that bombarded my E-mail. I really wasn’t the only one that didn’t just see Boobs. It was un-finished business coming to re-visit.

To my old friends that past that could not be there to see it, I feel in a strange way that it was a small victory for our childhood memories. I hope you enjoyed my explanation of things and maybe a few of you can even relate.

I know it will be hard for some of you to understand but a few of you will get it. I wish you all the best and hope you can have the same wonderful memories as me and my friends did. Game on gentlemen, and remember…

The Era may be dead, but the legend continues…

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I got yelled at to stop and blocked by other patrons when I ran up the down escalator at the age of ten.

Apparently, Macy's really doesn't like hardcore rebels like me.

Oh, sorry, I thought the thread title was actually what the thread was about. Next time just title it, "Hey, guys, can I tell you something?"

I updated the the thread so people fully understand that it's meant for Everyone to tell their own incidents if they choose to. At no point did I say that this thread is only to discus my personal experience, only a small group of people assumed this and everyone else just followed. I have been commenting on other peoples experiences but that small very "special" group seems to continue with their train wreck of assumption .Pls feel free to add your own experience, I am interested in hearing others.

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@mahonay said:

As a teenager, my friends and I were once surrounded by multiple squad cars and police dogs...for skateboarding outside of a school.

I ended up getting the ticket stricken from my record by writing an essay about how I should wear a helmet when I skate. Yeah I don't fucking know either.

Did they tell you what the ticket was for ? I'm assuming that the schools is private property and it was trespassing but I'm curious to know for sure.

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My a criminal? I don't have a criminal, so no.

A.HUH....Criminals always say that !!! BUSTED.

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I just up dated the thread

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@recostar: The possibility/idea of this being turned into a legal matter is just sad. I think it's ridiculous that he would suggest that.

Yes, a lawyer suggesting legal action is completely crazy.

So, lets play a game called,

****** I'm going to say things out load ********

Don't worry it's a fun game and really simple. Like super duper wuper simple. See how I use funny's less confusing.

Step 1. say this out load - lawyer suggesting legal action is completely crazy

Step2. Listen to this Music - Feel Pretty ?