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The MyCareer mode in WWE2K15 sounds cool, especially the part about friends' created wrestlers being incorporated. Link

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Because of the collapse of 1up. The first one.

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Raw is in Chicago tonight, you know what that means!

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@turboman: I know that would probably just be a regular match with the cell just acting as a decoration, but deep down I want to believe that someone would take that bump off the top of it.

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I'd buy it solely for Modern Warfare 2's story mode. The rest is just a bonus

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Wow, Cena potentially beating Ambrose AND Rollins in one PPV? Damn you Shang Tsena

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@gorillamopena: Worst shirt they've ever done. Fuck Cena forever.

It's pretty funny since it's WWE jumping on a bandwagon several years too late. That said, I don't think anything will ever touch this in terms of awfulness.

I can't decide whether that shirt would be a lot worse or a lot better if it didn't have that belt graphic at the bottom. Just the arrow and "The champ is here."

Huh, because Cena was the champ at the time I never knew there actually was a belt on it. The belt was usually covering up the picture of the belt.

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Oh man, I saw people mention Kid Rock, but I didn't expect Bawitdaba. That's amazing.

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I thought it was a great show. Outside of Henry/Rusev, all of the matches were solid, just some had some potentially damning faults (the commentary in the Miz/Ziggler match, the finish for Cena/Lesnar). The Divas match was awesome, and Dust Brusters have the tag titles.

Hopefully the Usos and Dusts will get the rematch out of the way fast so we can have a Wyatts/Dusts feud where everyone sounds insane

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John Cena is taking Daniel Bryan's road to Wrestlemania, I doubt we get another Cena/Lesnar match until Wrestlemania