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So does Daniel Bryan still look rough like he did against Wyatt? Like someone who had been off for a few months I mean.

I'm sure he has some degree of ring rust. You don't just pick up exactly where you were after being gone for 9 months. Also, he has been wrestling Kane and Wyatt. How much can you expect out of a Kane match these days? And Wyatt is extremely hit or miss in the ring.

That's why I'm against the idea of Daniel Bryan being in the Main Event of WrestleMania. He can probably be ready by then, but why push him that much? Why risk it.

@m3ds334 Assuming you're talking about the Rollins gif? It's from this.

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I love the hall of fame tradition of WWE Superstars trying their best to imitate the person being inducted. Paige tho <3

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Saw this posted in another discussion about it and it's too perfect.

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Yeesh, that casket match was rough. I'm sorry, Daniel Bryan isn't the guy this year, gotta give it to the true future of the company.

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So does Daniel Bryan still look rough like he did against Wyatt? Like someone who had been off for a few months I mean.

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If people will watch it? Sure why not.

I personally can't watch these because I've played a lot of 50 turn Mario Party back when those games were new and I refuse to relive that shit.

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Lucha Underground's ending was ridiculous. Holy hell. That was an ending that had me psyched to see the next episode.

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I've posted this before, but since there's a lot of new people in here after rumble, here's all of Roman Reign's "quality" mic work leading up to the rumble. John Cena (and the Rock when he's come back for his stuff) are infamous for this kind of humor in their promos, Reigns started doing this out of nowhere about a month or so ago. Rumor is that Vince McMahon wrote his stuff personally, and it's well known that Vince loves immature jokes, so it's completely believable. Before his promos would go "I'm going to punch this guy, BELIEVE THAT" and it wasn't amazing, but it was wayyyy better than this stuff here. Enjoy.

Actually "Cock this fist and make it rain in this bitch" is more of his normal stuff.

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@jvice152: Not necessarily. More like this. Actually, yours works perfectly for the first group, while mine sums up the second group better.