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Too late, canceling my preorder Kojima.

Seriously though I kind of expected a fall release date, mainly because they haven't did a beta for MGO yet.

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Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4

This is going to be rough.

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I was thinking of a major first round upset too, but not that one. The RAINMAKER will not be able to overcome the Bad Luck heading his way.

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@boom_goes_the_dynamite: I blocked that possibility out of my head. Glad to know it's back.

Really amazed at how they (potentially) fucked up two awesome matches in one shot. This Mania just looks worse and worse.

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Smackdown spoilers. The last name mentioned REALLY makes me worried that they won't go through with Stardust vs Goldust

Truth goes to leave again but Daniel Bryan comes out. Truth gives him the belt, starts a "yes!" chant and leaves. Bryan starts to celebrate but is ambushed by Stardust. Stardust starts to climb the ladder and poses on it with the belt before leaving. SmackDown ends.\

Insert Bischoff middle-finger gif if they scrap that match.

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@milkman said:

AAA has confirmed that Rey Mysterio is going to be returning on March 15 at their Rey de Reyes event, teaming with Myzteziz (AKA OG Sin Cara).

Does that make him the Rey de Rey de Reyes? Triple H must be furious.

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@dizzyhippos: No but those matches usually find a way to dailymotion after a few days.

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It's March Madness time and the bracket is out! Actually it has been out for a bit, but here's a reminder that the New Japan Cup starts tomorrow. Winner gets a shot at their choice of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Title or the NEVER Title (which was added to the choices this year). Hopefully this sets the stages for a lot of crazy upsets.

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@corevi said:

@dinosaurcanada: Wiz Khalifa and John Cena did a song together for the 2K15 soundtrack. Also he's signed to Warner Music which WWE has some kind of comarketing deal with.

TWO SONGS. God I hated 2K15's soundtrack.

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A real shame about RoH being RoH, I thought that main event was at least starting to turn decent before all of the nonsense happened. There were a few pretty good matches though, I had fun watching it.