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Welcome to the crew! I have to admit I wasn't familiar with your work before today, but the stuff of yours I read has been awesome. Glad to see another writer on the staff

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@milkman: So this is how the Brock vs New Day feud begins.

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@dizzyhippos said:

@jonny_anonymous: yep he totally nailed Hernandez with the chair when he went for the dive.

I wonder what the deal was with that, if they are hinting at a heel turn you would think the commentators would mention it.

I dont think there going to heel turn Puma, LU is just doing a better job of blending grey area shit then were used to.

I think a lot of folks wouldn't really care because fuck Fernandez.

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(possible WWE Spoilers)

If Brock Lesnar actually makes his return at Battleground I will laugh because goddamn what a waste.

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I mean hell, they put every main event on Youtube, I don't see why they wouldn't put it on Netflix/Hulu

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I saw people going "Lucha Underground killed a guy" and was assuming they were just talking about the death match and was like okay sure. Then the ending happened. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

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Lucha Underground Season 2 confirmed maybe?

Seems like it's a false alarm for now, that page has apparently been up for weeks.

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Conflicted as hell about Lucha tomorrow. Title matches should always main event shows...but I don't see a middle of the show death match being too crazy...

I don't think anything can top Grave Consequences...then again the crossbody got topped, so I can't wait.

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What a Raw, was really surprised about the way they handled the US title challenge, but what a crazy moment. The only thing I'm wondering is how they're going to handle Cena vs Owens since it isn't champion vs champion anymore.

Just kidding, lolcenawins, but I wanted to spook people that didn't watch.