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Just finished the Warrior documentary, it was terrific. Glad that he was able to basically make it good with everyone in WWE before he passed away. That part with Vince and the book was so great.

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I don't miss the swiss, depart cesaro

Please don't let Zeb flounder in obscurity wwe :(

Also genuine question... is Main Event the number 2 show now? It certainly feels more important than Smackdown right now.

Did they renew any of the licensing deals? It would be weird of them to undercut Smackdown right now.

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I hope they're serious about pushing the IC title this time.

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I have to say after last night my appreciation for "BRRRRRRRRAAPADOO!!" increased by 1000 percent.

Still not a Scooby Doo fan though.

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Haha! Dangly parts.

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@gorillamopena: Okay, now I understand why everyone was waiting for Sting guy to do something on Raw.

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Heavy Rain is my favorite PS3 game hands down, but I just couldn't get into Beyond. I have no idea why. I thought Jodie and Dawkins were great characters and the premise seemed like it should have worked, but it just didn't appeal to me. It's weird.

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@turboman: Sad, expected, but still pretty sad. At least she picked a relatively non-offensive hashtag for this one.

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One of the worst kept secrets in gaming.