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I can't even get into NXT that much anymore because everyone has no future. At the beginning of the year there was hope, then everyone who moved up either crashed and burned or is in midcard purgatory. NXT is still great but man, people in NXT either suck or they have a death sentence, and that's a bummer

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Tales From the Borderlands gets dismissed because of the two big things it's associated with: Borderlands and Telltale. It has writing miles better than anything in the three shooters and doesn't require previous knowledge at all. It's probably the best Telltale game since the first season The Walking Dead (I think it's better), they manage to play with that formula in some great ways.

For people that have a WiiU and don't have a gaming PC, Freedom Planet came out this year, and it's the game Sega wishes they could make when they say they are trying to make an old-school Sonic game.

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I feel bad for Roman the person again, because creative has NO FUCKING IDEA why people get over, he's going to keep getting put in these situations where the crowd destroys him instead of adores him. Royal Rumble 2.0.

Edit: They should just make Roman Reigns into Lex Luger 2.0. Nobody is going to boo America

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@milkman: Guess that brass ring was too heavy for him. Fuck 2015

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del Rio beats Roman, wins the tournament, only for Sheamus to cash in, setting up the TLC main event: Sheamus vs Alberto del Rio

AJ Styles shows up in some form

Big Show is one of the two members of the Wyatts that faces the BOD tonight.

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John Cena killed bin Laden, he can probably take ISIS down too.

Honestly though I'm not sure how credible that anonymous source is. Basically any big sporting event in an arena is a potential ISIS target. And security has been stepped up everywhere since Paris, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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@cmblasko: i feel bad that David Shoemaker got absorbed into ESPN proper after Grantland folded.

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Pop is owned by CBS, can we get EC3 on the Powerbombcast?

Apparently they (TNA) paid for their spot on that network? That's goddamn hilarious

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Good news everyone, there will be a traditional Survivor Series match at Survivor Series. No idea who is going to be in it, but there's going to be one.

That's literally all they said on SmackDown. I think they are announcing the people in it on Friday, because they're just making this up as they go along

They couldn't announce it earlier because I'll bet it has people that were eliminated from the tournament Monday night.

That I can understand, but having nothing about it on SmackDown (after all tournament matches were done) makes no sense.