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Man that promo seemed like it was never going to end. He just kept talking.

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Probably Danganronpa 2, but that might be because it just came out, definitely better than the first one by a lot.

Garden Warfare, PuyoPuyo Tetris, and the first Danganronpa are at the top right now, but there's a lot of awesome games to come.

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Sucks that there seems to be no reliable way to talk with each other by system through the app. I can talk to all of LF East, but can't really narrow it down to Xbone folks

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We broke the half-million viewer mark, that's awesome.

Ended up going back and watching the Bella's segment, terrible. Was one of Jerry's conditions be "I'll be on your show if your women roll around on me?" The hell kind of fighting was that?

Also that Seth Rollins segment looks great, looks like if he messed up he'd get hurt, but that's not really that out of the ordinary.. That's misdirection on a level of high production magic shows.

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Regardless of quality or my mood each week, I've always been straight into watching Raw (it helps I live in Ireland and can skip through most of the fat) since I started watching wrestling again in 2011.

But man I am struggling to find a reason to watch this week's Raw. Last week was nearly the bottom of the valley, and this Jerry Springer stuff has me feeling that it could actually get a lot worse.

Bray Wyatt vs Jericho in a steel cage.

Doesn't help that I only remember that because I listened to Jericho's podcast this morning though, I was ready to skip it tonight as well.

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There's this Planetview thing up now, pretty neat, shows you a lot about the world, and if you click everything you can get an emblem for your bungie account.

Or you can just put this code in. 7F9-767-F74

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Bonnie was the worst in 400 days, and when she showed up in Season 2 I already knew she was going to be bad news. So her actions in this episode didn't surprise me. Too bad they didn't use any of the other characters more than a brief cameo.

It's too bad that this season there were endings that were clearly better (or at least more satisfying) than the others. I feel like anyone who didn't end choose a certain way missed out.

I think Season 3 can do a lot better if they don't try so hard to make you hate everyone like they did with the first episode of this season.

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The real DX is Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Rick Rude, and Chyna.

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And people actually like this filth:


No, people don't like "this filth", that's stupid. People like wrestling when it's at its best. It has it's peaks and its valleys and right now it's in a valley. With a large chunk of the most entertaining people out due to injury or whatever other reason, as well as the yearly "Football is coming to take half our viewers", it's hard to expect it to be anywhere near its best.

I am not ashamed to admit I enjoyed Growing Up Bella.