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Hell yes! Another casino to get kicked out of.

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I hate this game with a passion, yet I'll be buying the new game on day 1.

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Don't go in there expecting them to give you advice.
Edit: Also, try not to snap if they say that the video games are to blame.

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Having good intentions does not automatically make you a good guy.

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@Ragdrazi said:
" I'd like to again remind everyone who bought Black Ops that they are part of the problem. "
So you're saying all these people should have bought Blood Stone?
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Wow that came out of nowhere.

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@dankempster said:
" So EA are using this game's M rating as a selling point? Is is really any wonder that there's still so much stigma against the industry when developers and publishers behave like this? 
Actually it's quite a risky gamble. They will probably lose sales cause of this.
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@crono11 said:
" Of course the quest goes up, right as I'm about to go to work. "
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A main series Rock Band game has never, EVER beat Guitar Hero in sales.
The Beatles: Rock Band is the only game to have done it. 
And last year Guitar Hero had about 40 different skus out there.

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Palin won't even make it out of the primary election in 2012