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Finally watched the second half of Attack on Titan. Lots of great action sequences, but it sucks that there weren't any real answers by the end of it. Now I'm wondering about whether or not to read the manga. Anyone here read it?

I do. Even though I'm a couple chapters behind, I will be able to read them by the time you ask me something. So, what do you (don't) want to know?

Is there a sufficient amount of answers dolled out throughout the story? Does it look like the series can be finished in 20 volumes? That's what I've read the author wants to do. Lastly, is it consistently good?

I'm reading it now, up to date. They can probably finish the series in the 80 or so chapters they are gunning for (currently on 58). For every answer they give two more questions pop up. I personally think that everything that the story they are trying to tell is a mess, but they seem to be reeling it in a bit.

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What about Big E beating up Abraham Lincoln because he loves America?

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@yesiamaduck: Wait, they mixed the NWO's entrance with the New Age Outlaws' entrance with jaunty piano music? And they're called the VaudevillAINS? Beautiful.

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Been listening to these remixes of current WWE themes. All of these are so good, even the mock screens are amazing.

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All I can say is that I fucking love Gitaroo Man.

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I can sell the Jordans right? How is this hard?

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This Starman guy is pretty good, it's a shame he didn't debut sooner because he thought he'd blow our minds.

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  • They're finally bringing Type 0 over here,
  • Curtain Call is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome,
  • the premise of Kingdom Hearts 3 is so ridiculously great that I'm back on board with the series again.
  • Final Fantasy XV exists

That's pretty good for one company. Hell even their Final Fantasy VII G-Bike game has me excited, and I bought Final Fantasy XIV. I'm back to the weird place I was in when I was in high school and Square Enix could do no wrong. It's weird.

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One man band baby... sigh....

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Sony won E3 by killing the dead weight and burying the Vita for good.