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@dizzyhippos: Funny thing is that based on what Jeff says he likes about wrestling he might like Lucha Underground.

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  1. Commentary reaches a new low by using Owen voices when Sting comes down from the rafters
  2. Bray Wyatt's opponent is revealed to be American Badass Undertaker.
  3. Reigns wins clean by pinfall without anyone interfering. No heel turns, just respect.

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Survivor Series '14, forever in our hearts. Oh you didn't know?

@gorillamopena Hah, I forgot her name was blue also.

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What are peoples thoughts on the head WWE doctor suing CM his comments?

This potentially puts CM Punk on the stand to testify under oath, which will either prove him a phony or allow him to open Pandora's box on WWE. Will be interesting to see how that goes if it actually does go to court (It won't. I bet Vince makes him drop it).

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@undeadpool: To be fair Brock Lesnar has a pretty easy schedule compared to most. At most one match a month, with the rest of his limited appearances doing nothing, maybe a move at times. If he can get those kinds of terms again I could see him re-signing with the WWE

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Lucha Underground wasn't as good as it normally was, but it's still a fun hour. Ivelisse won a match against Monster Energy Drink and we have actual vaqueros in the temple!

NXT was great. I laughed when I read that Rhyno was showing up to NXT, but his match was fine and his encounter with Finn Balor was great. Banks vs Blue Pants was fun, and Neville vs Owens was awesome. Neville's german suplex to Owens was GORGEOUS.

Also some good news NJPW fans. AXS is looking to renew the NJPW show on the network, possibly for two years. In addition, NJPW may do another live PPV in July. Not sure if they would go with Ranallo/Barnett (AXS) or Striker/JR (WK9). Source

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@bisonhero: Yeah, I imagine if you don't like the doctors then it'll be hard to get enjoyment out of these. It does seem like the endgame for this series will be about the doctors, but the next one will be a more contained story like To the Moon. I do like the idea of side stories going into the background of the doctors rather than them taking a big detour in the next proper game.

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Not directly related but I do wish there was more written content. I miss The Guns of Navarro.

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Another short story was released today that ties into To the Moon. This is a short 30 minute or so thing that directly follows up after the first one. Definitely a neat little story, with a couple things that tie into the end of TTM and hints at the future of the series. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how the story continues after this. (I can't believe it's already been a year since the other Minisode was released)

The minisode is free DLC for To the Moon on Steam. Or you can download it separately from Freebird Games's site.

For the whole story so far, we have To the Moon, Minisode 1, A Bird Story (character backstory for the second full episode), and Minisode 2. The developer Kan Gao said the next thing will be the second episode Finding Paradise.