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Why didn't anyone tell me about this.

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The gameplay is solid but the overall package feels like it's rushed. Couldn't even throw in a new title screen?

Pretty sure all of this will be changed when the game launches everywhere though, knowing this was pushed up quite a bit to give people time to practice before Evo

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HHH: What if I offered you a spot on a team that DIDN'T make you jump off ridiculously high places?

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I finished Payback. Watched the first half last night (up to Steph and the Bryans) and the rest today. Pretty solid show. My only big complaints were how the beginning of Shield and Evolution was a clusterfuck (and not in a good way), and the goofy end to the Last Man Standing match. Bray taking the stairs to the face was amazing, and I just hope that feud is over.

I hope they shake things up and have a Tag Title Money in the Bank match this year, since otherwise they would just have one match.

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Working tonight so I'll have to catch Payback in the morning. It's going to suck missing the return of CM Punk.

In all seriousness, this seems like one of those PPVs where you trick yourself into hoping something awesome happens because "there's no way it can be this bad." Then WWE pulls your pants down again and everyone laughs at you. Not falling for it WWE.

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More spent on animation in that segment than the entirety of the first 2 parts.

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I always thought Ryckert would be as good of a fit as possible. But I also thought there was no way in hell he would leave his Game Informer job.

Now that he has, MAN. Please happen!

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Dan Ryckert would give Giant Bomb the professional edge it was surely lacking.

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@hansolol said:

@wmoyer83: Haha. Don't get me started on that. That was terrible. Those videos with Cena wearing the Ryder headbands with the hair coming out of them and doing his tired pandering bullshit are so disgusting now, considering how that Kane/Eve story line went down. Uggghhh.

Come on, that Kane/Eve/Cena love triangle gave us some good memories.