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As someone who loves my mindless phone games, I can't stick with Immortals. Awesome concept, TERRIBLE game. Can we get Supercard with the Immortals skins?

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Rolling Girls was done by the same studio that did Attack on Titan, man that show's going to look fantastic throughout. They did a great job prettying up that terrible looking manga.

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Daniel Bryan doesn't need any dumb super powers.

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@ericsmith: Oh good. I was thinking that it would be a stretch to get 30 people in the roster without relying too much on legends and NXT, much less 40.

Does Hulk Hogan inducting Macho Man into the HOF indicate that his family maybe didn't approve of this inclusion?

I assume Macho Man signed a Legend Contract, or something similar, to be included in the video games and that gave the WWE his likeness rights which includes how they interrupt his previous work for them. I guess I can hope that Hulk Hogan does right by Randy but given his history I wouldn't expect something truthful out of him.

Needless to say Macho Man may still, to this day, be the most unique wrestler I've seen wrestle.

His brother, Lanny Poffo, was the one that allowed it apparently, according to this interview. It was also his idea to have Hogan induct him, which seems weird, but hey. My guess is Hogan will induct him and Lanny will accept on his behalf.

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@turboman: That's not even the bad part. Triple H also booked another Kane match for next week saying if DBry loses, he is out of the Rumble. Because fuck anyone getting momentum.

Really? I hope Bryan loses, but rumors say that he's still going to win it. Rumble rolls around, and as far as everyone knows, Bryan's still not in the rumble. Backstage segments tease Bryan getting in somehow, and even the sheetz say Bryan is going to win it. We go through the whole rumble, waiting, waiting, no Bryan. 10 seconds until #40 comes out. Has to be Bryan right? Then the buzzer sounds.


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Apparently instead of Main Event next week they will be hosting something called Santino Marella's Royal Rumble Lottery Spectacular. I can't imagine they would show the entire Rumble lineup, but I don't know what WWE is doing these days.

Also, I found out I have AXS, but I always work Friday nights and have no DVR. Mad about that.

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Really really happy at all of the positive feedback and all of the people planning to import it. Also, thanks for making this topic.

I have the Vita version and the Xbox One version. PSN: RecSpec GT: Rec Roulette

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Looking forward to the Monster Hunter info and the Hyrule Warriors DLC info.

I never get my hopes up for these, but they always manage to be exciting.

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@papercut *comes down to the ring high-fiving fans, poses in the ring without saying anything, points at the Wizard Championship sign, leaves while high-fiving fans*