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I would have to say Killer is Dead. It was actually one of the better playing Suda games, but in exchange it seemed to lose everything that I like about his games. Just no soul in it whatsoever, and no real reason for me to go back to it.

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So I'm good because I don't make money off stuff I record? I'll take that.

Depends on what you record. Naughty Dog for example seems to does not want any footage recorded at all.

Fair enough, but "The end of videogames on youtube" sounds like all game videos will be shot down. Should have just read the end of monetization.

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So I'm good because I don't make money off stuff I record? I'll take that.

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He played his role well, the role I assume they hired him for. It probably looked really good on paper, but just didn't work out.

The show still has the identity crisis problem it has been trying to drop for the last few years.

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Hoax or elaborate red herring?!

Keep the dream alive!

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Even though the odds are low, I want to see the new Mass Effect or Fallout 4.

Then again, I'm having so much fun following thesurvivor2299, I don't mind if it's a bit longer.

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Tearaway, Link Between Worlds, Gunpoint, Guacamelee, Dragon's Crown.

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Starfish, Clam, Frog, Cat.

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Wow, you all must really have loved those 2 songs made specifically for Hotline Miami.

Edit: Just to be clear, I voted for Hotline Miami.