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dating never changes

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I'm really fucking happy for you steve,

Good shit!

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yeah man, It's cold down here at the moment, Auckland can get to 2ish degrees Celsius at night,

There's still plenty to do though, what are your interests?

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This year's stuff was better because Lock Down.

But seriously you can't blame GB for Ryan not being there.

lock down was last year too

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where the fuck did nova come from?

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fuck, man.

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@snide said:

Hey guys. I'll be playing an Exile Esper (Enemykite) on the Warbringer PVP server if anyone wants to join. Don't have as much time as I used to with the kiddo, but figured we might be able to start up a GB guild for Exiles if anyone else is interested.

Still leveling myself, so it might be a bit. If anyone grabs enough gold and wants to start the guild up go ahead. Figured we could just use this thread to communicate.

It's sad to see your username and awesome avatar without the little "Staff" doodad / moniker

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@sweep said:

@notdavid: Uh... I'm not Sweep. I mean... I am now. But not in the game?

The sweep is a lie?

@rowr said: