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@mrfluke said:

and as for ryan's death, you're probably like the first person to even mention that to them since,

I doubt that,

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best thing i have ever seen

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in a post ryan world, this panel super renewed my faith in GB to still be about fun.

also, one of the guys that asked a question to the staff (taking about the dark times he went through) sounded like he was crying? no disrespect to the guy, as i absolutely get it. but more power to him that he got up and told the staff that.

That was me, I wasn't crying, but for some fucking reason I had an anxiety attack the moment the dude in the blue shirt in front of me said "all yours" and was fighting to control it while asking my question(one person described it as me sounding like the G-Man). Anxiety attacks fucking suck. My sister was murdered abroad shortly before the formation of GB and her death was covered up, and I was distraught, borderline suicidal for a long time. GB's content kept me laughing and upbeat in those darkest of days until I could get help, so I've always kept up with GB since. Ryan dying probably hit me harder than normal because of that, too, and Patrick speaking about his dad at the panel on Friday inspired me to bring up the topic. I have a very loud voice, like, my voice fucking CARRIES to the point that people outside can hear my yelling from the inside of the facility I work at away from any windows, so I tone it down to a whisper for microphones and such. That combined with the anxiety didn't go well. Looks like what I meant to say got through to most folks though, although some people thought I was dragging out Ryan's death to bring the panel down??? I wasn't even thinking of Ryan's death when I asked the question, though I did realize it could be misinterpreted that way after and added the "uplifting" bit.

Right with you bud,

you grow real attached to these motherfuckers when you listen to them every day, Changed my whole life for the better after last year, made me realise that life is for living and not to waste it doing something I hate.

Good on you duder, keep your chin up.

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75 Million? Total shot in the dark. I don't know enough about these things.


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I'd like a year of premium...

$79 million

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i played through Infamous in a day, wasn't as good as the first and the last boss was DUMB! Lost all gravitas and turned real stupid, kessler was a much better boss.

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Once more unto the breach, Dear friends, Once more.

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@droop said:


that's really well done

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that's just great