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Banjo Kazooie had good graphics, but very little else going for it. Mario 64 was a far better game.

I don't understand why people are excited for this.

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I'd be interested in a Naughty Dogs' take on Sonic.

Yeah, back in the Playstation One days, I always thought Sega could have just painted Crash Bandicoot blue and called it a day. I've never played a 3D Sonic game, but the Crash's running into to the screen always seemed a better fit for Sonic than Mario's 3D exploration.

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I already own a PS4, and I'm not really in a position to buy a second console. Would really love to play Sunset Overdrive though, much more than Halo or anything else XBox has coming up.

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I wonder if this demo will work against them, I think it may have literally scared me off buying the full game.

Maybe if there is some sort of shotgun pre-order DLC or something...

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I got eight, I'm using a 17" laptop monitor FWIW

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This is the worst Booth Babe Gallery I've ever seen.

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I thought these sort of games went out of fashion with CD-Rom add ons. No thanks.

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I'm ready for some new consoles to make games look as good as trailers for games.

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I would guess you just lean left and right to control this. If you have to shoot maybe you clap your hands or jump or something.