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#1 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

I had an Awoken female warlock and an Exo male Titan in the Beta. The Awoken kinda all look like extras from Farscape. I'm sticking with the Robots.

#2 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

I'll be getting a Xbox One with the launch of Titanfall, and I would love to play with some racist, mouth-breathing 14 year olds who think they're hot shit.
If that doesn't pan out, I will settle for some decent folk from Giant Bomb instead.

GT: Red R0B0T (the o's are zer0es because robots)
Timezone: EST

#3 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

A thief type character is my usual go-to in these kinda games (agile, dex based,) but as a lot of people mentioned, my first -Souls character in a new game tends to wind up a Jack-of-all-Trades by the end. I want to try every weapon and spell I find. I may start with whatever gives me light or medium armor and a bow, and maybe transition into pyro if that seems like it would be cool.

#4 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

@PhatSeeJay: I have a feeling we're going to get something like that out of the next ME game.

@HistoryInRust: oh, totally. The MP was a daily addiction for me, and doing the Operation challenges were a blast. I don't regret a minute (or dollar) I spent on it.

What I would really love is a new game set in the ME universe that is MP focused, but not deathmatch based.

Something with the same social challenges, score chase, and reliance on team work, but with bigger maps, better objectives, and a broader range of enemy types.

Something that's a cross between Syndicate's co-op missions and the Spartan Ops in Halo 4, maybe?

#5 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

I can't argue with anyone that says its a mediocre 3rd person shooter.

Gears of War it is not. Hell, it's not even Army of Two. Sticking to cover when you didn't intend to was a pain, and it had numerous bugs and glitches.

But I think the shooting was passable, much improved from ME2, and the powers and abilities of the different classes complimented it well enough that I didn't care.

At the time ME3 came out, I played the multiplayer so much that I took a break from the single player just so I could keep playing. I figured once I beat the campaign, I wouldn't want to come back to it. That turned out to be the case.

I guess my desire to go back to it is probably a passing thing, and if they DID have a 10 dollar download, I'd regret my purchase 2 hours later.

The Mass Effect universe is such a well designed thing, though. I love the alien races and the tech. The sound design is amazing. Biotic explosions are one of my favorite video game sound effects.

I would not mind another pass at that universe, maybe in a better MP product.

#6 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

Watching the most recent Thursday Night Throwdown made me crave a few rounds of ME3 multi, but I no longer own the game.

Buying the whole shebang just for some horde mode seems silly; I wish there were an option to download the multi from xbla or psn for like 5 or 10 bucks.

I realize that the 'readiness rating' and bonus attached to promoted characters would be meaningless without the context of the single player, but this seems like a minor issue.

Would anyone else buy this?

#7 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

Thief-- shortbow, dual pistols. I love the fact that I can play a ranged rogue. Dual pistols is for single target, shortbow for groups. I basically hang back and rain conditions and grenades on everyone. It's a blast. It sorta reminds me of the Shadow Warrior from Warhammer Online, only better and in a game people are actually playing.

#8 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

I got the pistol as well (the eagle, right?) It seems okay. I use a pistol with the engineer and adept, so it'll see some play. I did notice it was an "Eagle I" (as opposed to Eagle X) so maybe these will be available at some point in some special super duper pack.

#9 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

I named an amulet with +15 pickpocket "My Purse!"

Thats all I got. I got to like 60 enchanting skill before I even realized you could rename your enchanted weapons. I let a lot of unnamed frost, fire, and shock daggers go.

#10 Posted by Red_R0B0T (33 posts) -

@Tesla: Yeah all of these changes seem welcome and necessary, but I wish they didn't mess with the broken english. It was charming.

That said, I hope they don't nerf pyromancy flame too hard, I rely on that thing.

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