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I went to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight, and the joker's magic trick got everyone to laugh. That was the first time I ever saw everyone in a theater react the same way to something in the movie. Another time when I remember the whole audience laughing was when I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past -- Everyone loved Quicksilver.

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Tristana. If I am ever on a bad streak or whatever, I can always go back to Tristana and have a lot of fun. I also really like Gragas, Janna, Thresh, Miss Fortune, Hecarim, and Zed, but I feel like I have been playing Trist forever now.

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  • There is a 4 min speedrun of Morrowind that is kind of cool to watch.
  • Portal and Portal 2 are fun.
  • Amnesia is also pretty good and is full glitches.
  • I have never seen a run for it, but I have heard Donkey Kong 64 is pretty broken.
  • Most of the Super Monkey Ball games are cool to watch because there is usually a trick to each track.
  • I saw a run of Darksiders and I remember it being pretty cool, but I cant remember there being many glitches.

Those are really all the cool speedruns that I can remember. There are plenty of other great speedruns out there, but I cant remember them now. I know personally I like to see speedruns of Symphony of the Night, but it doesnt really have a lot of glitches in it (there are some cool tricks in that game though.

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I like MOBAs except for Dota 2. I have probably played 35 matches of Dota 2, and if the people I have encountered are any representation of the Dota 2 community then it is way worse than the League of Legends community. Also, the item drop system is terrible. I have gotten 5 items, two of which came from leveling up (I am level 3). The rest of the crap I have is either player cards (which by the looks of things can only be used with a compendium, which is $10 i think) or chests (which require keys), and I have way more chests and player cards than I do items. That means that the only reason to really play the game is for the champs. The champs are cool in Dota, but there is no reason to play new champs if I am going to be told to uninstall or go kill myself if I play poorly. Also, I have played less than 10 games where a player didnt quit or AFK on either team. Maybe that is just because I am still low level, but it makes the games absolutely terrible to play.

There are tons of MOBAs out there that I have never played and probably never will, but if I had to pick one that I enjoy playing the most besides LoL it would have to be Smite. I would suggest that anyone who wants to try a MOBA and cant really get over the isometric camera or you find that you lose yourself in fights, you should try Smite. It has a third person camera and it is a lot of fun. It is a little weird going from something like LoL to Smite, but you will get used to it. The only problem I have with the game is that the amount of favor (the ftp currency in the game) you gain from a match is kind of low. There are boosts and things that you get for not leaving matches or whatever and you get extra when you level up, but once you hit max level it gets super grindy.

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Bioshock Infinite probably has my favorite ending, and I really liked the whole last level of Halo. Also, I just beat Braid last night and my mouth was agape when I was going through the final area. That was awesome. I really wasnt paying much attention to the story cause i thought the book stuff was just a bunch of nonsense, but that part definitely made me think about the game from a different perspective.

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@tycobb said:

That's fucking stupid.

Sport: An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.

The key thing missing from "eSports" is physical exertion and you know what I mean so please do not split hairs.

This is my opinion, not going to argue eSports bullshit so don't bother replying to me and trying to change my stance. I am fine with leagues and tournaments, in fact I love tournaments, but video games are not sports.

I dont understand why you post then. If you dont want people to post their own opinions that could possibly counter your's, then dont post and dont pay attention to the subject.

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Fable 3 was the first free game that MS offered, but it wasnt part of this free game thing they are doing.

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I think a lot of people are drawn to DOTA 2 because all the champs are free out of the gate, but that is part of the reason I cannot get into the game. There are over 100 champs to learn, and I have no idea who is a good champ to start with. Plus I dont feel like going through the learning process again for a new game. I have a basic understanding of how MOBAs work, but for whatever reason I think DOTA 2 feels terrible to play. After playing LoL for close to twoa nd a half years, I cant get into how DOTA 2 feels.

What I dont understand though is why people think LoL is like an easy DOTA 2. It is more simplified, yes, but not easier. Its like saying Street Fighter is an easy game because the characters dont have a lot of moves or whatever.

As for your situation, I would say keep trying to play with your friends in DOTA and keep trying to get them to play more LoL. There is no reason why you couldnt just play both.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the reason I got into LoL in the first place was because of how awesome the game looked and because of the characters. I still believe that is the biggest reason why LoL is so successful. The characters in LoL are mostly based on humans or animals: things that people can identify with. The first champ I ever played was Blitzcrank and I picked him because he was a giant robot with a cool voice. I dont get that when I play DOTA2. When I look at the DOTA 2 heroes I cannot help but think that everyone looks like some kind of monster, and then I lose my interest in the heroes. Plus LoL has a unique art style, and looks completely different from every other MOBA out there (whereas the other MOBAs kind of look the same)

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@sergio: I am just wondering where the give is with the PS4. I guess it doesnt have to have any, but every console has always had little negative quirks and I am just wondering what those are for the PS4. Maybe it really is the perfect console, but I just feel like there are some issues that we wont know about until the console is released or something. Its all too good to be true.

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@redbliss: they've already announced what the $399 package comes with.. 500g hdd, controller, headset, no eye.

That is crazy. Maybe it is just me, but that doesnt seem to add up. New console hardware with double the hard drive space for only $100 more than what a PS3 costs now? With all the rumors about multiple SKUs, this makes me wonder what those other SKUs are going to be then.