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I would be up for playing through Arkham Asylum again.

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Genisys is not a good movie. It's a fun movie, but it certainly isn't good. Arnold is terrific, though.

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Also announced for PS4 which is awesome, I'll definitely have to get this. The creator even talks about Ryan Davis and the quicklook for the first game in the blog post on the playstation blog. Hope this game does well for him.

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Yeah, that was a fun little piece of content, I guess. I hope they do some more stuff with Harley in future DLC cause she is fun to play as.

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I thought the Joker stuff was handled superbly. He's not only been the main villain of the past two games, but he's Batman's most important villain, so I think it makes sense that Rocksteady couldn't let go of him. The Joker scenes were some of my favorite scenes in the game. Getting to see some important Joker moments pulled straight from the comics was awesome. Also, I really just enjoyed how dark the things Joker said were. He's a total dick and doesn't let up in this game.

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Just finished the main story and I still don't know if I like it more than Asylum, but there's a lot of really amazing scenes in this game, and I still think the gameplay - in and out of the batmobile - is superb.

Arkham Knight is the best game of this gen so far.

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@spoonman671: Pfft... nah. He had no idea. You act like he'd know such a thing. Not like he likes movies and games with zombies in them or anything.

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@spoonman671: Zombi. Says so in the linked article.

That's not satisfying at all. I wanted a ZombiOne or something.

I kinda like it. Sounds like some trashy Italian zombie movie from the '70s or something.

That's because it's actually the same name as a trashy Italian zombie movie from the 80's (edit: at least the US release was 1980) which happens to be the unofficial European sequel to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, actually.

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I'm absolutely enthralled by this game. Batmobile stuff is absolutely fine. Despite the criticism, I find driving around Gotham to be a blast. Of course the combat and stealth gameplay is still as good as ever. Story is interesting, and unlike Jeff's feelings, I actually love the stuff with the Joker.

This is shaping up to be my favorite game of the year, even over Witcher 3.

I do like Arkham Knight more than Arkham City, but I don't think I can say it's better than Arkham Asylum. Asylum was so perfect.

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Witcher 3 is easily my favorite game so far this year. I expect Batman may take that spot of Witcher when it finally comes out on Tuesday.

Dying Light and Evolve and MKX are three games I had a ton of fun with but nothing amazing.

I liked what I played of Hotline Miami 2 (pretty close to the finish, haven't touched it in months), but not as much as I loved the first.

Helldivers was a great co-op game that I played for about two weeks and go back every once in a while.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood was a fine follow-up to The New Order, but like HM2, not as good as the first.

And OlliOlli 2 is a bunch of fun.

Really looking forward to the rest of the year's releases. Looks to be a good year.