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This is probably the best month for PS+ on PS4 since I've been subbed (May 2014). Mostly just because of OlliOlli 2, but Valiant Hearts and Counterspy are cool (already bought these before) and Oddworld is a game I'll finally give a shot. If you don't own any of these games, then you just got 4 great games.

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Where my plastic instrument games at?!

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I don't watch wrestling but do listen to the Power Bombcast sometimes and since WWE Network was free this month I gave Fast Lane a shot. My god was it bad. It seemed like half of the matches ended on accident because of how insignificant the final pin was, and the other half of the matches were too long and too boring. The main event was pretty good, but super predictable.

I guess I'll watch Wrestlemania, just to see how it is. Just to know if they put any more effort into their biggest show. Not too optimistic about it, though.

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PS4 here and it never takes longer than a minute to find a group of people in matchmaking. Like some others have stated, one downside is that you will be placed in matches that are in progress sometimes and that can be jarring.

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I'm really excited to try this game out for myself. I don't know when I'll get around to playing it, but reviewers and consumers alike are so split on liking and disliking it that I need to see it for myself.

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That was awesome. Truly awesome.

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I'm absolutely loving the game. It's been a while since there's been a game that when I'm away I cannot wait to get back to playing it, but that's exactly what I feel with Evolve. It's simply just a lot of fun.

All of that being said, I do agree with everything you say here. The point you make against Wraith, especially. I've only faced someone as the Wraith a couple times but I can already tell that it's overpowered. Here's to hoping it gets fixed soon!

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@bemusedchunk: Yeah, voice chat is in it. But it's kind of bad. My friend sounds clear as hell when we're in a party chat but one time we tried without being in a party and he sounded awful.

Yeah the voice chat in-game really is quite shitty. It just sounds awful and I don't understand why that is. Not too many people wear headsets to talk in-game these days anyways, and I don't really mind/don't think this game really needs voice chat for a team to be successful. You just need everyone to play their part and mark the monster if they see it and you'll at least give a good fight, if not win, most of the time as the hunters.

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$41.3 million