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Wanna see GotG real bad, but no movie this year has had me as excited as Sin City 2. I am so pumped for that one. I really hope it's good.

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Apparently Gamestop is doing a deal where if you trade in your ps3 copy, you get Remastered half off. That means I'll be picking this up tomorrow. Time for a third playthrough and many more hours spent in Factions.

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I hate the cynicism that comes with the film adaptations of anything beloved. If the movie's good, then hey maybe it'll get more people to play the game. If the movie isn't good, then we still have the game. It doesn't make the game any worse. Sure it may be the same story as the game, so it's kinda pointless to anyone who has played the game, but film is a much bigger medium than video games will ever be. This is just getting the story out to a bigger audience.

If this actually ends up happening, I'll see it. Hope it's good.

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Too many games in October. Fuck.

I think my list (in order of interest/best chance of buying) goes:

  1. AC Unity (most likely to buy this one, looks fantastic)
  2. Evolve (of course this'll be amazing)
  3. Alien: Isolation (most interested in seeing how this will end up quality-wise)
  4. Shadow of Mordor (the 15 minutes of gameplay and all the E3 bombcast talk has gotten me excited, but I still probably won't get it till further down the road)
  5. The Evil Within (I really hope this is good, just haven't heard the best things about it)

Fuck. That's 5 games in one month. I haven't even bought 5 retail games for PS4 yet. Well, hey, at least there'll be games to play.

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Definitely gonna pick up Rogue Legacy. Maybe Counterspy as well if it's supposed to be any good. Looks neat, that's for sure. Hohokum looks cool so that's also a maybe. Not really too interested in The Swapper, though.

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I've been watching the GameInformer Super Replay (a show where GameInformer dudes play through the entirety of games) of Half-Life. The game is being played by our very own Dan Ryckert and he's joined by 2-3 guests each episode. It's genuinely funny and you will get to know the site's newest hire a bit more.

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According to this IGN article, the upcoming PS4 re-release of The Last of Us will not support an upgrade discount from PS3 to PS4 feature, like most were hoping.

I don't really know how I feel about this. On one hand, no one is really entitled to an upgrade discount. On the other hand, I already have paid $90 for the original product and DLC (yeah, I bought the first map pack by itself for $10, then I decided to buy the season pass for the second map pack and Left Behind dlc for $20 (stupid, I know)). I would love to play what I already believe to be the best game ever made on PS4, but is the $50 price tag worth it after paying $90 for the same game already? Most likely won't pick this up at release, but will when the price drops a bit more. I feel $30 would be an alright price to pay.

So, there's my thoughts on the subject. How do you feel about this?

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I have only been keeping up with the new music videos he's been releasing. Word Crimes and Tacky are both pretty great. Looking forward to the next 6 videos, as well.

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Cannibal Holocaust. Just left me feeling dirty and sick.

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@sunbrozak: Yeah I've been playing BF4 for a few weeks on PS4 and it's been totally fine. Multiplayer seems to be working quite well.