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I just got to level 20 last night so no.

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It's a really good podcast game. I'm happy with my purchase

I can attest to this

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Everything I hear about Alien: Isolation makes it seem like it's pretty good. The Evil Within is the opposite where everything I hear about it makes it seem not very good. I am hopeful that they'll both be good, Alien more-so than Evil Within.

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This is pretty great, bro.

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I haven't had any problems yet. Genuinely surprised at how well the servers have held up.

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Are we sure there is a story in Destiny?

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Trigun is pretty great and it's a short series, so it'd be perfect as an anime for Dan to try.

(how am I the first person to mention Trigun?)

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The House of the Devil - 4.5/5

Builds fantastic tension for almost the entire movie and actually executes on it. Hearkens back to 70's/80's horror flicks with so much love. The way it's shot, it's look, everything screams 70's/80's (and not just because it's set in the early 80's)

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Finally after being a regular ol' member of the site since 2009 I decided I would give my money to Giant Bomb!

I'm glad that I'm finally a subscriber but with being a new subscriber there's a shit ton of content I have never explored, and I simply cannot watch it all. As of now I have watched all of the Metal Gear Scanlon that's been published and the Mario Party Party (and I've started listening to the premium podcasts), but there's so many more videos.

I would simply just like to know, for myself and other new premium members, what of the premium content do I need to watch?

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Guess it's about time I signed up for the premium account seeing as how I have a job now. Awesome.