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God damn Wolfenstein was so good. It might even be my favorite game this year. Fuck I want to play it now.

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Don't get the one with Destiny

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I didn't even think The Interview looked really good but I was gonna go see it because I've enjoyed Seth Rogen and James Franco comedies in the past.

This really sucks. Not just because I can't go see it now, but the fact that we 1) let the hackers win and 2) by the looks of it have given up on free speech.

Also really sad to hear that Steve Carell's North Korea-based movie Pyongyang was cancelled due to this bullshit (this was the first time I had heard of the movie, but it sounded really interesting).

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Having played the first two Borderlands games and not caring for the story in either, I can say that you'll be fine by playing Tales From The Borderlands. It's actually really good.

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This is pretty good, guys.

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I'm rewatching old premium videos I never had the chance to watch (just finished the Pokemon Snap video and it was amazing) and going through all of the old GOTY Bombcasts.

Outside of GB I'm doing school and work like always. Playing through Evil Within and Infamous: Second Son while also playing a lot of COD:AW multiplayer and 2k15 MyCareer. Also binge-watching the 1st season of the Fargo tv series.

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I actually quite like the game and haven't experienced any bugs through 6 chapters, though the framerate is pretty terrible.

Still, I find that it hearkens back to the best in the series which was ACII and I'm totally fine with playing a better looking ACII.

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Of course I have. The one movie that I cried at that you'll totally make you do a double-take is the Adam Sandler movie Click (I think it got me the second viewing, too). I swear that that movie has a super fucking sad moment and I know I'm not alone in crying at it cause I've asked a bunch of people I know and they did too.

Also, most recently, Interstellar made me shed a single tear at the end.

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Holy shit this looks so good! It better actually come out in 2015 and not get delayed.

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I got to the No Man's Sky thing and turned it off. Holy shit how long can that show be?

Otherwise it was a pretty well put together "Awards" show. Best that Keighley has ever put together.