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Yeah I understand they can't capture footage, that does suck, but they could still talk about LBP and other Vita games on the Bombcast. LBP hasn't even been talked about on the Bombcast other then 2 secs of "LBP is out this week for the Vita"

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LBP on the Vita is not only the best LBP game yet, it is one of the finest games released this year so far. Touch & tilt used in the most perfect of ways coming together amazing with D-pad, sticks and buttons like nothing before. It's a crying shame Giantbomb ignore the Vita the way they do, they really are missing out on some great gaming experiences. Hopefully when Persona 4 comes out that will make Giantbomb wake up and see the beauty of the Vita instead of just dismissing it.

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I ended up buying it on 360 as well and it does support 1080i on 360, but not on PS3. Very odd.

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Thinking about it, can someone do me a massive favour. Does 360 DOA5 support 1080i? Cos if it does I'll go buy it on 360 and it will solve my problems!

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I have a capture device which records gameplay in realtime at 720P and 1080i, but if I set the PS3 to 1080i only and disable the other resolutions (forcing the PS3 into 1080i only), when I start up DOA5 it will put the game into SD mode? Does DOA5 not support 1080i? I've searched online but I can't find out about this anywhere. It's not the end of the world as 720P is fine for me, but if I can record in 1080i I would much rather do this. Hope someone can confirm if 1080i is possible and if I'm doing something wrong.

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I hope they put these up for sale on PSN/XBL cos I want the outfits but I'm not very good at fighters. Finished the story in one sitting, but playing this on the hardest setting I bet is well hard. I will try, but I hope they also put them up for sale too. I will buy any outfits they put up for sale, I love this game man, hope they just stick tons of DLC out for it!

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I just finished it. Really enjoyed it! One or two puzzles I didn't understand the description, but story was fun! I played 2 other Layton games before 1. Curious village & 2. The Diabolical Box one. This was same level of fun as those, think the characters were better in this one...but it's been few years since I played them other ones actually. I'm gonna play the Lost Future now which I hear is good. I had a lot of fun with this game. Playtime was at just under 20hours, which seems lot longer then I remember the other 2 but again, my memory might be playing tricks!

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I really enjoyed it for 95% of the game, the other 5% was so frustratingly hard for me. The hardest is the only bad thing about the game for me. Wish it was easier. The characters, story, setting, music is all so good. I love P3P and this game is dripping with the same bags of style. It's so much fun, that's why the hardest upsets me. I just wanted to play for the story. The music on the title screen is amazing! I find myself sitting on the title screen just for that music, just like I did on Dragons Dogma :)

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I ended up with Katherine but wanted to be with Catherine, so was a little sad about that. I'm trying to decide if I would rather they let you pick who you wanted to be with. Cool game tho!

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Well I just finished it and loved the crap out of it!

I played the demo and thought it was really cool, but then saw some not so good review scores so I nearly didn't buy it. I am so glad I did, cos it's awesome! Has this magical feeling to it from start to finish, I love it.