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@thomasnash: I was looking for TechnoMage for a long time because I can't exactly remember the name of that game since I played it a very young age. Thanks man!

And as for my entry well, I don't think anyone played Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators which is a totally fantastic game.

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I'm from the Philippines and it's infuriating to see that a foreign politician works behind the scenes to fuck my country up. I think our government is really trying to set things straight with the rebels down south but hearing news like this makes me cringe in helplessness. Some men are just pure evil I guess. This is why most of my countrymen are fatalists by choice. It just goes to show that the third world is the cesspool of political shit. We were given a bad hand that is only made even worse by aliens meddling with our business.

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I've been meaning to upgrade my GPU(Nvidia 9500GT) for quite some time now but I have limited budget. I looked online for cheap but decent cards and came up with the GTX 650 Ti Boost. So duders what's your experience with this product? Can it run current and next-gen just fine?

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Ugh. What are they doing with this? Prior releases weren't this sexualized.

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Trap Gunner

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I even enjoyed the parts you hated. Truly a remarkable game for its time.

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Kind sir, Burnout Paradise would be swell. Thank you very much!

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It's nice to see Microsoft pulling out all the stops since E3.

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I got ending 11 of 20 because I hanged my son's drawing in my wall? I never really understood why would that be such a violation.

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I don't feel any sympathy to those people who don't have their papers in order. You can brand me as an ass but leniency over these matters usually does more harm than good. But I let the woman in the locket pass as I think Sergiu and I are buddies. Talk about double standards.