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Over the holiday break, can you gals 'n' guys recommend some podcasts or video series that have similar appeal to the doofy, free-wheeling, non-bro-ey GB stuff? I've made it a point to NOT go on my family's big week-long getaway to Colorado, so I'll need some content to while away my blissful hours of not hearing about how Satanic all things Obama and Hunger Games are. Thank you! :D

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You are a god. Thanks :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Thanks, guys/gals. I just installed Doggcatcher.... any chance someone could tell me where to find the URL to the OPML file? The app is asking for it, under Subscribe To Feed, the Import To Web option. Let me know if I'm tapping the wrong one. o.O

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Bumpity bleemp blormp.

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I'm brand new to using RSS, as well as being new to the Android phone ecosystem. Any chance someone could spell out in crayon how to subscribe to the Premium podcasts on my cell? I've got a Galaxy S4, if that matters. And I currently use the Podcast Republic app, but I'm down for whatever, if it'll mean I can get dem sweet, sweet primo GBz.

Thanks in advance! :D

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Re: OP: Context, context, contextpants. I don't feel like Colbert's bit was racist in context, but the internet yellerati likes to pluck tidbits out to get upset about, and then the bandwagoners jump on board without investigating what they're yelling about haha XD

That said, I'm fine with comedians/artists of all stripes doing any kind of material they want to present. They should just be ready for some backlash if it's insensitive/ stupid/ not funny. And I usually end up turning off standup specials that delve into homophobic or racist material that isn't clever or progressive. Just my personal taste and viewpoint, though.

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Wow, this is intensely coolballs. Thank yew.

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Welcome to the family! :D

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The Woman In Black scared the living piss out of me in the theater. Can't say for sure that it'd have the same effect on my home screen, though.

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@pop said:

I'm drunk and cannot comment on the coolness of this image.

You are my people. Haha :D