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There were qualifiers for Team NorCal on the FGTV stream a couple of weeks ago so that team is confirmed to be FChamp, Rog, Chris Schmidt, Neo, and CJShowStopper.

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@mlarrabee said:

Good to know this franchise will be milked dry.

Did people honestly think that Ubisoft was not going to milk AC for all its worth? Hopefully they don't annualize Far Cry too.

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Bringing down the Star Destroyer in the original Force Unleashed. I'm convinced that part of the game was either glitched or straight up broken...

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If Apex's Top 8 was any indication, Melee's gonna be extremely hype at Evo. I just hope for the Melee community's sake that the FGC will give them the support/respect they believe it deserves. Melee grand finals if anyone's curious.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Those last ten minutes were insane. Where did all that money come from?

Seriously. The last ten minutes of the Skullgirls and Melee stream chats turned into utter chaos while Spooky's ST stream was calm for the most part. Poor Art.

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I can't wait for SFxT Ver. 2013. Shit's gonna be hype as he-ResidentSleeper.

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