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@corvak: As a retailer, they have bullied and attempted to bully many publishing houses, the Big Five included, into various (non-profitable for the authors involved) programs by such tactics as: removing buy buttons, disabling search meta-tags for specific items, creating abnormally long shipping times, etc. Amazon has also tried to bully publishing houses, the ones who have 'opted in' on their pricing.

Not to mention the working conditions that many of their employees out at the distro centers have to deal with; most inhumaine and some actively dangerous.

I'm a little pressed for time right now to go through and cite my sources, but a quick google search will point towards Amazon's sour dealings with practically everyone involved with their corporation, save the stockholders.

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Guys...Amazon and their practices...Jeez! No, this isn't good!!

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@mooseymcman: Margaret Atwood is an angel, and you are a monster.

Slightly kidding, though the MaddAddam books are beautifully written. Perhaps give them a try?

Edit: To throw my hat in the ring, David Eddings, simply because his heroic fantasy, when he writes it, is nothing but good guys in God mode. Fun reads, but the literary equivalent to eating rice cakes.

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@ripelivejam: Brandon Sanderson, actually.And please no, He's got to give me the next book in the Mistborn series first. Or at least a sequel to Warbreaker.

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@drzing said:

@probablytuna: Oh, the Moon skybox had a bright Earth that seemed way too big, some huge nebula thing, and tons of stars that should be hidden due to the Earth's brightness. I know none of this matters, I just like to see sci-fi done in a more plausible way. I guess once you have space wizards it's all out the window. I mean, call them something techy and give them high tech gadgets to explain things, don't call anything "magic". :( Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, after all. But it's not magic to the characters in this world when you can do things like fly at hyper speed to the Moon in a star ship you just scrounged up out of a junk yard. Cool believable future tech: good, magic forces of "darkness"? Groan..

The point of Destiny's fiction is to be like a futuristic version of old legends filled with larger than life heroes, magic and absolute evil. It's their version of knights going forth from their castles to destroy evil, pushing back the darkness invading their landexploring s, the mystical and the unknown and bringing light and hope to the people.

If it's not for you, it's not for you, and that's okay. But it's kind of the whole thing that they're going for, with wizards and powerful (space) magic and absolute evil versus absolute good. "But why not just make a fantasy game then, Lina?" Because it wouldn't be as interesting, and they're good at shootmans.

I like the cut of your jib.

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@jaqen_hghar: Is Captain Skyhawk the game?

No prolly not. Perhaps Blue Max? Now i'm just guessing...

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I'd like to posit that Nintendo 'winning' E3 has less to do with the games they showed and more to do with how they showed the games. The Digital Treehouse format was decidedly the most fresh way of disseminating information while maintaining brand image, and most importantly, keeping a sense of fun and interactivity.

Cara Ellison and Jenn Frank are now two of my favorite essayists. I'd read their shopping lists if posted in longform.

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@j23: I don't think anyone will ever get Dune right in visual media. It's been tried too many times, and well...yeah. Ugh.