PS3 Game Collection : Demon's Souls and Heavy Rain

That will make a grand total of 16 PS3 games!
Its has been awhile updating my collection here and i realise that this will be my first entry for 2010! Well welcome to the future!
Anyways I bought 2 games in the last month of February. Heavy Rain and Demon's Souls!
Completed Heavy Rain on HARD and I was disappointed. You don't receive any trophy finishing the game on HARD.
 But the game was amazing. The story is great and the musical score really capture the moments in the game.  
Bought the 'Best of PS3 collection' for Demon's Souls. It is a cheaper version and the game is a whole lot of fun. I don't know why i didn't buy it on launch date. I recommend the game for those PS3 RPG lovers out there. Sure it is hard but when you kick the boss's ass it will be WORTH it.
Okay that's about all. It is already March and I cannot wait for Final Fantasy XIII and God Of War III to come out! 


PS3 Game Collection : Uncharted 2

Already at Number 14 and its Uncharted 2!
Wow! This game is amazing! Everything is top notch!  Traversal, hand to hand combat and shooting were all improved!
Got the game early (Pre-Order) and I was able to finish the game (on hard difficulty) in two huge sessions. If you have a PS3, you got to have this game!
As a pre-order bonus, I was given codes to unlock golden weapons for online multi-player. I played a few online deathmatches but I enjoy more with the game's 'survival mode'.  Its something like the 'Horde Mode' or the 'Survival Mode' in Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead respectively.
I want to keep this short because I need to play more 'survival mode'!
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the PS3 game of the year for me!
P.S: I was able to pre-order the Prestige Edition for Modern Warfare 2! I can't wait  to get my hands on my night vision goggles!

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PS3 Game Collection : BATMAN! PRINCE! FIFA 10!

Since the last update, I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum, Prince of Persia and FIFA 10
Played through  Batman: Arkham Asylum and the game was awesome. Easily the best Batman game to date. That game had good game play, voice acting, graphics and even the story was amazing. I enjoyed watching Batman: The Animated Series on TV and this game reminded me of  it. Definitely this game would be in my top 10 favorite games of 2009!
I have not open my SEALED copy of Prince of Persia. I noticed the game had decent review on Giant bomb so i decided to grab it (It was on sale). I really like the Prince of Persia's franchise so I will make some time and play it. Eventually.
Pre-ordered FIFA 10 early last month and collected it on the October 3rd. The game is an upgrade of FIFA 09, so no complaints here ( FIFA 09 was great by the way). Its just that the controls are less 'arcady' and being more of a simulation. Ball control in this game are a bit different if not, little difficult. Played a few matches on-line and the lag wasn't that bad. Mange to score some good goals! The only problem I had with this game is that people just rage quit knowing that they got bested on the pitch.
All in all my next purchases would be Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Modern Warfare 2 and maybe Assassin's Creed 2...
There goes my year-end bonus... :)
P.S: I exchange inFAMOUS for [PROTOTYPE] with a friend since I finished inFAMOUS with a PLATINUM TROPHY!


PS3 Game Collection : Fifa 09

That brings my PlayStation 3 Games Collection to number 10!

I always love soccer/football and have been playing the Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer since the PlayStation 1 era. The game was awesome on PS2 and when the PS3 came along, I knew Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer on the 'next-gen' system is going to be amazing.

I was wrong. VERY wrong. The Konami's soccer/football game wasn't very good at all and I was very disappointed with the game play and visuals.  Even the online play in Winning Eleven 2008 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was bad. So I thought to myself maybe they haven't get the hang of it yet because PS3 is new and I patiently await for the next one: Winning Eleven 2009 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

To my dismay, that too suck monkey balls. I was sad. I mauled over a week. But then I saw a Fifa 09 DEMO on PSN. I downloaded it. Tried it. And Loved it. I wiped my tears away.

The game was amazing. Great visuals and good frame rate makes this game better than Konami's. FYI, the last FIFA game I played was Fifa 98, and that was on PC. It took me more than 10 years to go back to it and to enjoy it once again. So I went to my nearest game store bought myself a copy and play the HELL out of it. There are Trophies too. Not only the football trophies but PSN Trophies.

The game is amazing and having a better online game play than Konami's Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer I am very very pleased. Imagine to play in match online with 19 other players. Its almost like a real football/soccer match!

Well Konami is going to buck the hell up if they want to stay on the Footie Game because if they don't many of their followers are going to 'defect' to or 'defect back' to EA's FIFA.


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PS3 Game Collection : Uncharted and inFAMOUS

Bought inFAMOUS and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune!

I went to the PC show on Thursday to buy some computer parts but to my surprise, I came across a booth selling PC and console games at discounted prices!
(this is the annual PC SHOW conduct annually at Suntec City Convention Expo in Singapore)

I was skeptical at first, checking out the games/packaging and make sure these games are legal, not some pirated-bootleg copies.

So I headed to the PlayStation 3 game section and I saw inFAMOUS. It was 25% off and I had to grab it. Furthermore it was like the last one on the shelf!

I got extra cash on me so I decided to get a cheaper PlayStation 3 game. Most of the cheaper games were mediocre titles and it might be waste of money to buy a game that I would never play after 1 minute of game play so i skipped the section and moved to the Best-Seller series.

There were great titles available but I really wanted to play Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I heard from a friend the game was good so I decided to pick it up and immediately half-tucked my shirt. I paid for my games and head straight home and play around 3 hours each on the two games.

Honestly, for a game that came out 2 years ago, Uncharted has amazing visuals. The skyline and scenery is absolutely beautiful. I could spend my time just roaming the cliffs and admiring these wonderful rendered trees and ruins. As I start playing the game, I immediately got hooked into the story and loving the characters in it. As for the game play, firefights in the game can be frustrating but once you are used to the controls, it will be a walk in the park. Anyways, I heard that the story mission is between 8-10 hours, which is kind of short but I really love the pace of the game so far. No disappointments here.

As for inFAMOUS, let's say that being a walking lightning rod and creating havoc or helping people is totally AWESOME. This is a slightly longer game so I might finish this game on HERO first before continuing on Uncharted.

It's great to know that both of these games have trophy support and I will try to get 100% on both of them as they do not have multiplayer or multiplayer-required trophies.

Well I sure will enjoy my summer as I wait for THE GREAT FALL GAME RELEASES!

Oh yeah didn't buy any computer parts at all.


Kojima Production "NEXT"...

Ok, I do not know about you guys. I have been waiting patiently for the countdown. What countdown down? The Kojima Production's "Next" video game countdown timer.

Well its 0913HRS on 27th May 2009 in Singapore (I am just like one hour behind Japan, so it 1013HRS there). I witness the 160hrs countdown timer to 0 at 0900HRS 27th May 2009 and to my dismay it reset to a new countdown timer! This time its for 117hrs. So that will take us to E3 then!

But this countdown timer isn't the same as the last one... cause sometime it changes to this:

How cool is THAT! I almost wet myself. Ha ha! Anyways The screen changes to Big Boss with his eye patch and his green beret. On a close inspection, his green beret is not the usual FOX beret nor its FOXHOUND beret, it is a MILITARIES SAN FRONTIERS beret. Maybe its a new Portable Ops game? A MGS5 game but set as a prequel? But its has to be something with Big Boss aka Naked Snake. I am just happy its a Metal Gear Game or is it?!?! Damn you Hideo Kojima!

Well, what's your take?


PS3 Game Collection : STREET FIGHTER IV

Street Fighter IV!!! Finally a fighting game for my PlayStation 3!

I really wanted to write this sooner but with the craziness I am going through, I could not find the time to write an update about my PS3 game collection.


Let me see, I bought the game late February and I have been playing Street Fighter a lot. I played all of game modes, unlocked all the characters and even manage to get 65% of the trophies. Hope to get 100% and get my second Platinium Trophy!!!

The game has a lot of modes apart from its arcade mode. There is the SURVIVAL and TIME ATTACK MODE and as well as the TRIAL MODE which helps you to "train" by showing you basic combo and tricks you can do in the game. But doing those advance combos is rather difficult if you are using the default PS3 controller. Looks like I need to buy one of those 'Fight Sticks'  or joysticks.

I HAVE been window shopping and those things are not cheap! Well the Madcatz 'Fight Sticks' are very expansive and the inexpensive ones are either too light or just not durable. I did manage to find the HORI 'Fight Sticks' and even though they are not as expensive as the Madcatz's, they are STILL expensive in my opinion.
Looks like I will be playing more Street Fighter IV with the PS3 controller. Oh well!

I did play some online ranked matches and I think I did fairly well. I manage to pull off some nice comebacks but most of the time, I got my ass kicked.

My sweetest victory was able to defeat this guy who is more skilled than me. I somehow manage to overwhelm his Akuma with my 'overpowered' Sagat. Sweeeeeet! That dude had like 8500+ Battle Points and I manage to win 130 Battle Points from him! Let me make it clear that I did not play like some scrub out there and spam Tiger Uppercuts throughout the match. I just stay back wait for him to attack and try my best to counter/ evade his attacks. I manage to bring him into the corner and unleashed my ULTRA on him! Sagat's ULTRA is a BEAST!

With that win, think I can take on Daigo any day~~ Hahaha! I WISH! That guy is like THE international Street Fighter IV champion. Just take a look here:


Overall the game is great. I am glad that I bought this game and playing it up till now makes me a better 'Street Fighter' player. I did go to the local arcade and play some offline matches. The result was great and I can see I did improve and manage to get 5 straight wins!

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PS3 Game Collection : KILLZONE 2!!!

Killzone 2! Wow its finally here! The disc is in my PlayStation 3 and running. OMG!

Well the game is awesome. Graphically its stunning and the game-play is great. The controls will take some time to get used too put overall this game is really amazing. Killzone 2 is the first FPS I bought for my PlayStation 3 and I usually play FPS on the PC because I'm not used to play FPS games with a controller. As soon as I load up the disc and pick up that Dual shock 3 controller I know I'm gonna suck.

I immediately start playing  the multiplayer portion of the game as I already used to the controls and gameplay (KILLZONE 2 Demo) and to my surprise I did really well. 90% of the time I am able to win one-on-one fire fights and manage to rack up those awesome headshots! Well looks like playing with a controller isn't so difficult but I do need more practise though.

But that's not important. Yesterday, the day that I bought Killzone 2, I saw something really amazing... RESIDENT EVIL 5! Its out ALREADY?!? Here I thought the release date is next week. Looks like the retailer broke the street date. I was tempted to buy it but I made a promise to a friend that I'll buy the game during the month of June after his final year exams so we can do some co-op action. Well until then those who want to play some Killzone 2 please drop in a comment/message and I see you on the battlefield!


PS3 Game Collection : 2009

Rock Band 2! The newest one in the family (of PS3 games)! Bought it for myself as a Birthday Present a month back. Played it through on medium and now trying to get into hard and eventually EXPERT. By then, just maybe I can set up my own online band! Hahaha! Good Luck to that!


2008 was a hell of year for the Game Industry. Apart of the economic downturn, recession or whatever, 2008 had the most amazing line-up of games since 1998! And not forgetting, 2008 is also a great year for me as I invested in a PlayStation 3 gaming platform. I was able to play great games like GTA IV, MGS IV, Burnout Paradise and LittleBigPlanet.

2009 will be a good year for the Game Industry. The economic downturn, recession or whatever, will pick up again and everything will be back on track. People will be happy again and due to that happiness, people will get creative and use that creativity to create an awesome game that everyone will play and be happy. Wow! A cycle of happiness that never seems to end! I hope.

After saying that, the games lined up for 2009 looks promising. Such games like Street Fighter IV, Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 will be the ones for me to pick up for Q1. Oh yeah not forgetting FEAR 2 too. So many good game so little money left.

Pirtates of the LittleBigPlanet - Treasure Island

Given completed the story missions and levels created by Media Molecule. I decided to try to make a LittleBigPlanet level. Well its called Pirates of the LittleBigPlanet. It is a tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that I enjoyed watching back in the day. So here's a walk through of the level. Hope you guys check it out!

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