The gayest thing to happen to the SC2 community: StudCraft II

So I was watching Sen's stream for a little while, when someone in the chat asked every who they think is the most handsome pro zerg player. While I elected Cella and Leenock, someone else put up the link for I had to see what it was, and very quickly found myself addicted to choosing the "more handsome" between two males repeatedly. Anyways, I've decided to save as many of the images as I can to place them into categories representative of the leagues of skill in SC2, and I'm going to show you what I've come up with. 

Grand Master League

#1: Cella 
   Maybe it's a little biased to put my favorite SC2 player as number one, but in my eyes he's the most handsome dude I've ever seen, and this is MY blog so I'll put whoever I WANNA put at #1.  
#2: Leenock 
 No explanation needed.
Not only does he make you a better gamer, and even knows how to just have fun once in a while, but he's also quite handsome, right? 
 Honestly, I've never even heard of this guy before, but just look at that beard!
Fruit Dealer 
Yes, Fruit Dealer of Bombcast fame. Fair weather Fruit Dealer fans GTFO
A legend in the SC community, and his good looks certainly don't hurt him. even has a good looking lady, but we're not talking about ladies here 
What a badass. 

Top rated on the website, and for a good reason 
 He kinda looks like a gorilla. a very handsome gorilla at that
 This guy is a stud. He's also really good at Starcraft 2

That'll do it for the Grand Master league. 10 in all, these guys should be getting a lot of clicks. and chicks, that too. 
 so now.... 

Master League

 While the GM league had 10 guys in it, every other league has less (as it should be) so I figure 10 shown for each league should be enough, and if you want more than you can just go to the website to see who else is there. There certainly is a lot.
 He's a big guy, but you can't say he's not handsome. You know what they say, more cushion for the uh...err...micro
 Maybe he has a bit of an edge on this competition as he's got a good looking lady friend with him and they have cute teddy bears, but don't pay any attention to those things. Just this dude, he's handsome
You may recognize this guy from his great commentary at GSL, or you might not as this picture looks rather old. Either way, handsome guy, even if just below his brother, Day[9] 
Tasteless' partner in crime, about the same level of handsome. If they were combined in a picture to make Tastosis, it'd probably be in GM 
What a handsome smile! 
 I have a feeling this was just a bad picture, so I gave him a benefit of the doubt and put him in Masters
 Intimidating is handsome. 
 The most handsome of all 151 pokemon 
Being one of the best zerg players in the world makes you really handsome by itself 
Marine King 
Make marines. Look hansome. 

Diamond League

At this point, I'll probably get a little more lazy. no more descriptions. until bronze and maybe silver league that is.  
 I had to make an exception to my new rule just once, because this guy's got a cat. 

Platinum League 

 They're still all handsome, but as you can see, they just don't match up with those top 10 in Grand Master. So let's keep going, Platinum League, here we go! 
brock. and brock. 
 ok this guy appeared WAY too often, so i figured i'd just give you a dose of what you'll be seeing if you visit the site
as the image says...Naniwa 


In SC2, the gold league is filled with people who know the game pretty well, but are still nowhere near pro level. On this subject, there will be some handsome people, but probably no one that will blow anyone away. 
 Did I say no one here would blow you away? I take that back. 

Silver League

 This is where I actually am in SC2, so while it's not really great, I won't judge anyone in this league. 
The alternating caps in his name look kinda goofy, but his face? ...adorable 

 Bronze League 

At this point, we're done looking at handsome people. While all of these people are really good at Starcraft 2 and could beat me easily any time, we have our bronze leaguers of StudCraft 2 here. 
Maybe it's a bad picture, but it scares me a little, so to the bronze league it goes 
Need I say anything at all? 
Maybe he's not so bad, but there's just something about that smirk that I don't find particularly handsome 
Turn that frown upside down. I'm sure you will when you crush whoever you're playing there, but at this point in time, you were not looking too handsome 
a little dirty looking
 Disagree if you like, but my tastes say this man is not handsome
Another guy that just looks too sad to be handsome 
This is the kind of bronze leaguer who tries to cheese every game but just does not do it right...take that how you want
I'm...not sure what's in Bischu's pants, but either way I'd rather see that area from just about any other SC2 pro if I had to make the decision.  
And that's gonna do it! Thanks for reading/skimming through a bunch of pictures of people who play starcraft! Tell me if you agree or disagree on anything here, or what you think of this site that someone other than me made, and if you got addicted to it too or if you're just not into lookin at dudes! (queer)

One of the biggest comebacks/upsets in anything i've seen

Now when most people think of professional gaming in Korea, or just in general, Starcraft would probably be the first thing to come to mind. and while i think starcraft is great and all, Tekken is a far more interesting game to me, whether it's watching or playing the game Similar to Starcraft, Korea is home to many of the world's best Tekken players. There is a Korean show called Tekken Crash, in which some of the best players form teams of 3 to compete in a huge tournament that is currently in its 7th season. One of the best teams in the tournament is called Resurrection. Their team is made up of Knee, Holeman, and Tongbal Love (who play as Bryan, Lars, and Devil Jin respectively) and they just won season 6. These three players are arguably each top 10 players in the world. So anyway, onto the topic of the blog.

The whole collection of videos that i will be talking about can be found here. It is, however, nearly 3 hours of content so unless you really like watching Tekken you probably don't want to watch all that, which is why i'm writing a blog about it. 
Now i'm going to tell you how the tournament works. there are 4 groups and each group has 4 teams. In each group, two teams will advance to the next round. Inside one group, it starts off with two games team A goes up against team B, and team C goes up against team D. The winners of those two games go against each other in the Winner's Match while the losers fight each other in the Loser's Match. The winner of the Winner's Match moves onto the next round of the tournament and the loser of the Loser's Match is completely eliminated from the tournament. The other two teams (loser of the Winner's match and winner of the Loser's match) go up against each other in the Final Match and if you win you move on the next round of the tournament, but if you lose you are eliminated. This whole process is shown in the link above.

If you've read all this and you are disappointed because there seems to be nothing yet about comebacks or upsets, i apologize. but don't worry because i am about to get on that now.
So i told you about team Resurrection, and they are in this subject set of videos of Tekken Crash. Their first game was against a team called Infinity S, and Resurrection won it easy as Knee beat every guy on the other team with relative ease, just as expected. When Resurrection got to the winner's match, however, things didn't go as well as they would've liked there. Knee did win his first fight, but the opposing team (known as BOU Returns) had a very strong second player (named Magnetic, playing as Julia) swept through the whole team of Resurrection. This was a big upset by itself, but Resurrection wasn't out yet, and as it turned out after Infinity S won their loser's match, all Resurrection had to do was beat that team again who they were able to get past so easily before. In the final match, things were going as planned as Knee beat the first member of Inifinity S and the next once again. The third member, however, was able to beat Knee three rounds to one. This was a Wang player known as Lee3, and was actually projected to be the weakest member of the team before the tournament began. His teammates were extremely excited as they didn't expect Lee3 to play so well and even defeat Knee, one of the greatest players in the world. On the other side, Resurrection just had to shrug it off. They still had their other two players, Holeman and Tongbal Love, and they just had to take out this one guy. No big deal, they just gotta play the game like they always do. Holeman was up next. He went to the final round with Lee3, but had a rough start to the final round and lost it.

Lee3's Extreme Concentration 

At this point, Tongbal Love was up and personally, I still thought Resurrection was going to come away from this with a scare but a victory in the end. The last guy up has been watching these matches and by now knows what he's in for. But as soon as the last match started, it was looking like Lee3 was really going to pull this off. In the first round he played to near perfection, ducking highs, parrying lows, and carrying Devil Jin all the way to the wall for massive damage. Tongbal could only get one hit in during that round. In round 2, Lee3 continued to play well, but Tongbal Love was playing a little better as well. Tongbal was taken down to rage when he started to come back, almost making it even again, but couldn't take advantage when Wang hit the wall, as his potential killing blow was blocked and he was hit with one right back. Lee3 was up 2 rounds to one, just one round win away from taking out the defending champs and moving onto the next round of this extremely competitive tournament. The crowd, his teammates, as well as the announcers were all excited as can be. Tongbal Love got it together a little more in round 3 though, winning without taking much damage at all. Then round 4 came. Lee3 could potentially lose all momentum if he lost this one, and Tongbal still had a lot of confidence. Lee3 was the first to take a big lead, but Tongbal Love was able to get the lead back with a juggle combo. A lot of time went by with each player taking little or no damage as any mistake from either player would be critical. Soon, though, the clock was ticking down and when there was less than 10 seconds left, Tongbal had to get something in because he was behind in health. But as he tried to get a hit in, everything was blocked and Wang was only hitting him back to make the lead even more insurmountable. Tongbal couldn't get a hit in until there was just one second left, but that was far too late and Infinity S's Lee3 defeated the team of Resurrection, ending on a Time Up. People in the crowd were amazed by what happened as Resurrection, a team expected to go to the finals, was taken out in the first round by a team no one expected to go anywhere.    

The Thrill of Victory 
On the right here is the hero of the team, Lee3, while in the middle is Poongho, who actually plays as the character Lee, and on the left is the very excitable Workboy, who got his team past the loser's match with Lars single handedly

The Agony of Defeat 
Everything that Infinity S is feeling, these guys are feeling the exact opposite. They'd probably prefer me not to tell you who is who here, so let's just give them some space

Who Dat? 
A simple rating of the players. The bars from top to bottom are Attack, Defense, and Crisis Management (clutch?). Everyone on Resurrection is pretty damn good. But Lee3's bars aren't even as colorful as eveyone else's. Apparently someone needs to get on that, especially the Crisis Management bar for both Lee3 and Tongbal Love (Devil Jin). Also I've realized that these bars are kind of fucked up. We can see that the guys on the left have bars that go from left to right, as well as numbers 0, 50, and 100 that go from left to right so everything is right there. but for the guys on the right, their bars go from right to left, however their numbers go from left to right. so again, someone really needs to fix this shit

Which shirt do i buy!?

 so there's this here website which has some super awesome Katmari and Noby Noby related shirts in it for sale. but i'm in a predicament: there's just TOO MANY awesome shirts for me to choose from, (ok it's not a huge selection but...) i've narrowed it down to six to choose from, and i need your help deciding which one to buy! 
 they're all the same price, so that isn't a factor, and they all have the size that i need, so again, not a factor 
Shirt #1: Long Black Noby Noby Boy in Pink Background  

You may notice that this is the only Noby Noby Boy shirt here but that is because there is not much variety among the Noby Noby Boy shirts on the site, and this one is my favorite colored by far. 
 Here's a picture of a white lady wearing the shirt. but for some reason, i don't think she makes it look very good 

Shirt #2: Prince Visits a Golden Castle  
This shiny gold castle looks pretty nice, and the design is very big, so i like that. the prince is very small though, which represents him well, but with this, it's not as much of an obvious "Katamari Damacy shirt" 
Here's what Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, thinks about this t-shirt. it seems he really likes this design, but is not confident about its sales. if i ever run into Keita Takahashi with this shirt on, i think he will be proud. 

Shirt #3: Silver "Katamari Damacy"
this shirt is pretty self explanatory. shiny silver that says Katamari Damacy on it. simple, right? i love the dripping effect of the letters though
  Oooh and look at all those beautiful Prince faces that make up the words on the shirt! Though it is a simple shirt, there is a lot of creativity that was put into the design, so that's what i love about this one 
  Here's what Takahashi thinks about this shirt. Though I'm no Japanese wrestler, those who know me well know that it's my life dream to become a sumo wrestler one day. I'm also a huge fan of Hard Gay.

Shirt #4: Prince and Elephant 
Here's a picture of the design. i do like elephants, and that is one good looking elephant 
Here's how the design looks on a shirt. still pretty nice 
  Comments from Takahashi and the designer of this one
Shirt #5: Dripping Prince
a pretty simple design a pink prince dripping in a brown background. pink and brown are two of my favorite colors, but i am a little skeptic about how they go together
here's the shirt itself. i like how the design resembles those brand shirts you see with a small logo or something in the chest but this one actually drips very far down the shirt 
Again, Takahashi's opinion on the shirt (the other one he is referring to is a gray shirt of the same design). i am not a very macho man, but i am rather tall, so maybe that's cute in a different way.

Shirt #6: Ostrich 
I would've called this "Prince and Ostrich" but i noticed that my names for the shirts were getting shorter and shorter, so i felt it was necessary to continue that pattern  
Similar the the elephant, but the difference in this one for me is that even though i don't like ostriches as much as i like elephants in general, i do like this design more than the elephant design, and i also have a lack of blue shirts, so those factors make for an interesting decision if i were to choose from those two. 
And here's a picture of the shirt itself. awesome, right? 
More comments, just cuz 
So, GB Community, help a buddy out and tell me your opinion on which of these shirts you like, and which one you think i should buy! i would love to buy all six of them, but my budget only allows me to have one for now, now post away!

Korean Music Blog Extravaganza!!!

If there's one thing I love more than video games, it's music, and Korean music is just about all I listen to these days. I've noticed a few other fans on Giant Bomb as well, so I figure this is a suitable place to write a blog about it, and this is especially for you few. First, to give you some background on myself and the subject, I am a 19-year old white boy who's been listening to Korean music for about a year and a half, so I'm sure there are many others whose knowledge far surpasses mine, but I'mma give you all I got. I got into Korean music by starting to go to a Korean church two years ago. The first song I learned was 나만 바라봐 by 태양 (Only look at me by Taeyang) and I learned every word of the song so that I could sing it when I went out with my friends to 노래방 (Korean version of karaoke, where you and a group of friends get a room to sing in, with a large selection of songs in several languages) and from there I took in as much Korean music (of all genres) as I possibly could, and continue to do so. 
Now this blog is gonna be a big'un, so feel free to skip around, click  on links (or not) or be a trooper read the whole thing if you so choose.
Now to get this going, I will list off my top 10 favorite Artists and Albums

Top 10 Artists

  1. 태양 (Taeyang aka SOL) - My "gateway drug" into the music that I now listen to. While he's only had 8 songs that he's done solo, he is also part of a very popular 5-man group called Big Bang. His voice is always a pleasure to sing along with and attracts the girls like a.....extremely attractive person   
  2. MC Mong - This rapper has a great way of making me forget all my worries in his music. Whether it's a fast upbeat song like Ice Cream or more of a ballad, as in I love you, oh thank you (done with Kim Tae Woo), his music always sounds great.
  3. Epik High - This three-man rap group never disappoints. With 7 full albums since 2003 as well as a several other projects, Epik High has continued to please their fans through all of their work and helped several other artists get their music career going under their own founded record label, Map The Soul.
  4. Drunken Tiger - What was once a rap duo is now a single rapper, Tiger JK, as one of Korea's best rappers, if not the best. He is well deserving of all the praise he gets as he stays true to himself and shows people what hip hop is, rather than just telling them. For a taste of their old school beginnings, check out Do You Know Hip Hop? And for the newer stuff which continues to get even better imo, Monster or True Romance, which was done with his wife, who also happens to be very skilled.
  5. Brown Eyed Girls - Girl-group of four that does both dance songs and ballads very well. While they have tended to go more in the direction of fast paced or dance songs over time (such as Abracadabra) I love whatever they do.
  6. 8eight - Three member group of two males and one female. They have a sound like no other and can cross several genres (typically hip hop or ballad) and do it well. Their songs are catchy and I am very much loving their latest single, 유효기간.
  7. MC Sniper - A versatile rapper whose usual theme is despair, until his latest (5th) album which sets a completely different tone by using an orchestra in his music, as in Magic Castle. Even if he's changed his tone, it' sounds just as beautiful as his older songs such as Gloomy Sunday.
  8. Big Bang - A very popular boy-band that has an ability to make instant classics such as 하루 하루 (Haru Haru - Day After Day) or Lollipop, done with the girls of 2NE1. (i seriously sing that song to myself every time York picks up a lollipop)
  9. Jaurim - A band led by a powerful female singer, Kim Yoon Ah. They make amazing music whatever way you look at it. Their unique style can be seen in Ha Ha Ha Song, or for something slower, 낙화.
  10. Kim Tae Woo - A great R&B singer with slow, but powerful songs like 하고 싶은 말 (Words I'd want to say) and catchy upbeat songs like 사랑비 (Love Rain)

Top 10 Albums

 Show's Just Begun - MC Mong
I love every track on this album. Even the intro of this album is great as the girl speaking reminds us that we have "nothing to worry about" and to turn up the music "as loud as possible." Every track following does its job in making you forget all of your worries and really gets you into the music no matter how crazy it is. Title Track: Circus 
 [e] - Epik High
2-disc, 30-track album (15 on each disc) with a clear difference between the two. One, titled [e]nergy, is made up of (obviously) high energy songs such as 따라해 Wannabe. The other, titled [e]motion, is made up of the slower songs which (obviously) display a lot of emotion in how they sound and lyrically, such as in 선물 (gift)

 Absolute First Album - T-ara
With their first and (so far) only full album, T-ara is off to a great start. With high-energy and faced paced songs like Bo Peep Bo Peep and TTL (Time To Love), this album is a lot of fun to listen to. 

 The Great Rebirth - Drunken Tiger
With so many great albums, it's hard to decide which Drunken Tiger album was the best, but for me I'd have to go with their second, The Great Rebirth. It keeps the old school feel of their first album but is also a big improvement upon it, with songs like  위대한 탄생 (Fetticcini) and 늑대와 여우 (Happy Mexico) which are catchy and have a great beat. 

 H-Logic - Lee Hyori
K-pop queen Lee Hyori's fourth album sounds great on every track, with many fast songs such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and other great songs such as Swing.  

 Be In Deep Grief - MC Sniper
MC Sniper is a very emotional rapper, and uses his emotion very well in this third album, featuring songs like Gloomy Sunday and Puregal which of course have a very gloomy tone, but sound beautiful. The album also has some more upbeat tracks such as Swing, and the variety within the album works very well when listening through the whole album. 

 Feel gHood Muzik - Drunken Tiger
Drunken Tiger's latest (8th) album with 27 tracks on 2 discs (Feel Good and Feel Hood) is a great package with a variety of Drunken Tiger's styles as in Feel Good Music, Monster, and Question

 Infinity - 8eight
8eight is very skilled in both hip-hop and ballads, and in this mostly upbeat album, they display all of their music styles very well in songs like In The Morning and Let Me Go

 Heart & Soul - Bobby Kim
Bobby Kim's latest album is a joy to listen to. R&B at its finest in songs such as 한 사랑 and 맴 맴 맴 which show Bobby Kim's talent in singing and songs that just about anyone can get into. 
 The Wonder Years - Wonder Girls
The only full album from the Wonder Girls so far was a hit right from the beginning, featuring very catchy songs like Tell Me and   이바보. Since then, they have released a few more singles and have done a lot of international tours and such, but this album remains to be where their best work was done. 

Music Video Spotlight

 Music videos are huge in the Korean music industry, but with most of them, you'll either get a group dancing on a stage set up for the music video, and that's pretty much the whole thing, or you'll get scenes from a drama that you might or might not know anything about. However, here are some music videos that really stuck out to me when I watched them.
Read after watching?: 
  These next 2 videos are their own story which doesn't necessarily have to do with the songs they play, but are also very humorous and uh...overall awesome. If there's one thing you should look at in this blog, it's these 2 videos.
  In case you're wondering who is who, Tablo (the leader of Epik High) is the dude who has the light saber (who was taking pictures in the beginning of the first one, when the song Heaven was playing). DJ Tukutz is the dude with the girlfriend and the bow & arrow. Mithra Jin (who is the rapper with the lower, more husky voice) played the part of the monster, as well as the trainer from the first video. 
  Some of this video is just kind of weird, really. But it was choreographed by the group themselves and weird or not, it's really cool. I would've loved to put 2NE1 on my top 10 artists, but they don't have a whole lot of songs out yet (one mini album plus this single). However, if they keep up their work, they'll quickly become one of my favorites. 
  Funny, then happy, then sad, then...confused? That's how I felt when watching the video, but it's a great video and story anywho. 
   This may be the saddest music video i've ever seen, but it's very good. Watch it! 
 Well I hope I kept you interested with this. Feel free to discuss anything relating to Korean music (or any kind of music you love for that matter) or any of the songs I've shown in the links and videos above. If you actually listened to every song in this (or already knew them!) and read the whole thing, then you are amazing. But anyways...I think I'm done now, so uh..have a good day or something!

Top 10 lines from Persona 4 Endurance Run in no particular order

1. GET BENT! (never gets old) 
2. Yukiko saying "You're wide open!" when scoring a crit (no one ever said anything about it, but every time i heard her say it i repeated it and laughed to myself) 
3. Aha! Is this our chance? (who wouldn't love this line?) 
4. I looooove them balls 
5. everyone still referring to Morooka as "King Moron" even after he was brutally killed 
6. You have welcomed Satan into your heart. 
7. I'm Jack Frost, ho! 
8. Anything and everything Funky Student says 
9. the "voices" of Ghoul, Black Frost, or any other persona or character 
10. when Kou and Daisuke have to clean up in the gym, having the option to "help out" or "be an ass and leave."