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@coakroach said:
...why not?
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I found a picture of a bunch of random people. I put beards on all of them. 
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@Duke_Lion said:
Did you just say that ThorZaIN is in Bronze league? Incontrol in Silver? Are you fucking retarded?
sure they're hella good at starcraft, but handsome?
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@SeriouslyNow: cool 
edit: sorry i seem to have hit a soft spot for you there. no offense intended, and maybe i should've thought about the title of this post a little more. i didn't intend to use the word pejoratively, (learned a new word today!) but i guess i failed at making it anything else. but if you wanna say this thread is utterly retarded, that's cool with me
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@MideonNViscera said:
Wow, I could win this contest just by buying SC2 it seems haha

i don't believe
@Scrumdidlyumptious said:

No MMA? That's bullshit. He's the best looking Starcraft 2 player in the GSL.

i apologize, though i did put him into diamond. they definitely could've had a better picture of him 
@christ0phe said:
Seriously, some of your top guys are some of the ugliest people I've ever seen
you're crazy 
@ChickenPants said:
Don't really have a comment but this is a great thread!  Considering they spend all day playing Starcraft 2 there are some pretty good looking guys there.
totally, but it also helps for a lot of them that they happen to be Korean 
@Thule said:

This thread is creepy. You are creepy.

thank you 
@mylifeforAiur said:

Tasteless is by far the most handsome man there.

i won't argue 
@Jimi: while he does look a lot more badass in that picture, i'm not sure i would say handsome 
@CaLe: ok you got me there, although i don't think i came across him on the website. nothing much i can do with that one, but that's totally grandmaster level
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So I was watching Sen's stream for a little while, when someone in the chat asked every who they think is the most handsome pro zerg player. While I elected Cella and Leenock, someone else put up the link for I had to see what it was, and very quickly found myself addicted to choosing the "more handsome" between two males repeatedly. Anyways, I've decided to save as many of the images as I can to place them into categories representative of the leagues of skill in SC2, and I'm going to show you what I've come up with. 

Grand Master League

#1: Cella 
   Maybe it's a little biased to put my favorite SC2 player as number one, but in my eyes he's the most handsome dude I've ever seen, and this is MY blog so I'll put whoever I WANNA put at #1.  
#2: Leenock 
 No explanation needed.
Not only does he make you a better gamer, and even knows how to just have fun once in a while, but he's also quite handsome, right? 
 Honestly, I've never even heard of this guy before, but just look at that beard!
Fruit Dealer 
Yes, Fruit Dealer of Bombcast fame. Fair weather Fruit Dealer fans GTFO
A legend in the SC community, and his good looks certainly don't hurt him. even has a good looking lady, but we're not talking about ladies here 
What a badass. 

Top rated on the website, and for a good reason 
 He kinda looks like a gorilla. a very handsome gorilla at that
 This guy is a stud. He's also really good at Starcraft 2

That'll do it for the Grand Master league. 10 in all, these guys should be getting a lot of clicks. and chicks, that too. 
 so now.... 

Master League

 While the GM league had 10 guys in it, every other league has less (as it should be) so I figure 10 shown for each league should be enough, and if you want more than you can just go to the website to see who else is there. There certainly is a lot.
 He's a big guy, but you can't say he's not handsome. You know what they say, more cushion for the uh...err...micro
 Maybe he has a bit of an edge on this competition as he's got a good looking lady friend with him and they have cute teddy bears, but don't pay any attention to those things. Just this dude, he's handsome
You may recognize this guy from his great commentary at GSL, or you might not as this picture looks rather old. Either way, handsome guy, even if just below his brother, Day[9] 
Tasteless' partner in crime, about the same level of handsome. If they were combined in a picture to make Tastosis, it'd probably be in GM 
What a handsome smile! 
 I have a feeling this was just a bad picture, so I gave him a benefit of the doubt and put him in Masters
 Intimidating is handsome. 
 The most handsome of all 151 pokemon 
Being one of the best zerg players in the world makes you really handsome by itself 
Marine King 
Make marines. Look hansome. 

Diamond League

At this point, I'll probably get a little more lazy. no more descriptions. until bronze and maybe silver league that is.  
 I had to make an exception to my new rule just once, because this guy's got a cat. 

Platinum League 

 They're still all handsome, but as you can see, they just don't match up with those top 10 in Grand Master. So let's keep going, Platinum League, here we go! 
brock. and brock. 
 ok this guy appeared WAY too often, so i figured i'd just give you a dose of what you'll be seeing if you visit the site
as the image says...Naniwa 


In SC2, the gold league is filled with people who know the game pretty well, but are still nowhere near pro level. On this subject, there will be some handsome people, but probably no one that will blow anyone away. 
 Did I say no one here would blow you away? I take that back. 

Silver League

 This is where I actually am in SC2, so while it's not really great, I won't judge anyone in this league. 
The alternating caps in his name look kinda goofy, but his face? ...adorable 

 Bronze League 

At this point, we're done looking at handsome people. While all of these people are really good at Starcraft 2 and could beat me easily any time, we have our bronze leaguers of StudCraft 2 here. 
Maybe it's a bad picture, but it scares me a little, so to the bronze league it goes 
Need I say anything at all? 
Maybe he's not so bad, but there's just something about that smirk that I don't find particularly handsome 
Turn that frown upside down. I'm sure you will when you crush whoever you're playing there, but at this point in time, you were not looking too handsome 
a little dirty looking
 Disagree if you like, but my tastes say this man is not handsome
Another guy that just looks too sad to be handsome 
This is the kind of bronze leaguer who tries to cheese every game but just does not do it right...take that how you want
I'm...not sure what's in Bischu's pants, but either way I'd rather see that area from just about any other SC2 pro if I had to make the decision.  
And that's gonna do it! Thanks for reading/skimming through a bunch of pictures of people who play starcraft! Tell me if you agree or disagree on anything here, or what you think of this site that someone other than me made, and if you got addicted to it too or if you're just not into lookin at dudes! (queer)
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colby jack

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@RiotBananas said:
My thoughts on your thoughts on the latest Bombcast.
My thoughts on your thoughts on the OP's thoughts on the latest Bombcast