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Saw this one coming. It should almost be illegal to shut down a developer when the biggest reason why the game sold so poorly is because the company provided basically no marketing on it. Not that I suspect that Prototyp would have sold a whole lot even with marketing behind it. But the way they completely buried that game makes me kind of disgusted that they are jusst throwing the team out.

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That's funny... I live in a socialist country and that certainly doesn't happen here. And no it is not because the government manages to withhold it from the people it just doesn't happen. Your views of socialism are so... American?

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@OldGuy said:

Square-Enix: We added quick time events to FFXIII-2 because people in the US wanted it. Sony: No passport because people in the US didn't want it. I want to know who these people in the US are.

I hear they mostly live in Kentucky.

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Both are good, but Raz is my avatar for a reason...
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If he thinks Kirby is a bad game it just shows that he was lucky enough not to play either Iron Man 2 or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Both of which I was forced to play...
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Why Zoey? I NEVER play L4D if I'm not allowed to be Zoey, so there!

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I have two copies of Halo 2, two copies of Pokémon Ruby and a couple of doubles of games on different platforms. My record is however the FIVE copies of Batman Arkham Asylum I have. I have the Steam Version, the US PS3 Collectors Edition, the normal 360 version, the Game of the Year Edition and the European 360 collector's edition! That's a lot of Batmen :)
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I want a hug from Vinny!

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I want this soooo bad right now :P
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@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
"It's gonna be all like "Sorry, you're too stupid to play Mass Effect 3" "

If any ga´me ever actually told the player that, it would automatically be the best game ever