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Perhaps this is just wishful thinking, but is there any relation between this game and Rise of Nations?

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Thank you so much GB. I've been checking out CAG for a while and it's been a great resource. I'll report back with what I've found.

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Hey GB,
My brother-in-law got a new Xbox360 so he's going to give me his old one. However, he's only giving me the console itself so I need to know what stuff I need to get along with it. Keep in mind that I don't have much a lot of extra spending money so I'm looking for games and acessories that have a good "bang for the buck." Are there any good games from years past that I can get on the cheap? Also, are there any websites that are good to get deals at?  Thanks in advanced!

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Hey GB,
My best friend is doing JET and we were wanting to get a game that we could play together-i.e., between the US and Japan. Are there any games that can be played internationally? Are there any compatibility issues when playing in different regions? If we wanted to play on consoles would he have to get a US console or can he get a Japanese one? 
Thanks in advanced.

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If the industry was better regulated, then yes.

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Uncharted 3.

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Just picked up the GOTY ed. and I'm looking for a co-op crew. PSN: Redgauss

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If the powers that be won't let me give Uncharted 2 another GOTY award, then I guess my choice would be Starcraft 2. It's so solid all around and will have the most impact in the long run of any game this year.

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GT5. In fact, why am I writing this down in a forum when I could be playing GT5? Just one more race! ***itches teeth***

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YES!! YES!! A thousand times YES!!!