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Did you guys know carpenter is interested in making a dead space film?

Also, carpenter is a national treasure; he was the master of taking B movie concepts and turning them into great films. I know, he hasnt been at top form in a long time, but he's also the dude who directed Halloween, The Thing, Escape From NY (my personal favorite of his), Big Trouble in Little China, They Live. Such a weird, yet awesome filmography that dude has.


Im gonna keep an eye on google news to see how many other articles come from this one :)

And The Ward.... Ghosts of Mars, Vampires, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Escape from L.A. Not to rain on the Carpenter parade. But he can be as bad as he can be good, and I suppose the same could be said of most directors. But I just recently watched The Ward, and it's made me a little bitter about the man. It really doesn't get much worse then The Ward, even ghosts of mars is enjoyably terrible. The Ward just feels like a limp nothing of a movie that is basically just a cash in on the his name sake. I guess I can celebrate his past works. But I really have no interest in anything the man touches in the future.

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actually I just realized what this is, it's a gameboy pocket.

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What? God Nintendo just stop doing things your making me want to get rid of my 3ds, I mean Microsoft has been on the back peddling thing a lot lately to but at least that felt logical. This just seems desperate, and extremely misguided maybe even more so then when you tried basically the same thing last year. Does the lack of closing it really make it that cheaper it seems like a shitty sacrifice, it would make me write off this thing entirely.

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@buzz_clik: I can't agree with you more Giant bomb but Ryan especially has such an influence on me thru out high school, I feel like I've not only lost a best friend, but one of my biggest influences. the giant bombcast has gotten me thru so much shit in my life. My world feels a little less bright without him.

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I can't process this.

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I can't... believe this is happening.

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Buying a PS4

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Well sony won me over, I don't care about sports, tv, or cod, although I'm a pretty big fan of dogs.

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The perfect song is framed with silence, It speaks of places never seen, Your home's a promise long forgotten, It is the birthplace of your dreams