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I wouldn't say that the story would be tipped off, per se, but they occasionally allude to the fact that things *had* happened in the last game without really getting into *what* happened.

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@i_stay_puft said:

Wait his iphone being stolen wouldn't the police be able to track down the perps location?

Potentially. That, or the pawn shop where they might have sold at least the iPhone.

Also, I'd be down to throw a couple of bucks into recouperating Dan's setup, if that's an option.

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Thank. GOD. For a moment there, I was worried that Capcom was going to release something new, exclusively for the current-gen.

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Has GiantBomb said whether or not they'd be there? I only ask here because the schedule isn't up yet.

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Future Cop: L.A.P.D. Picked it up at a used game/cd/dvd place because I thought it would be awful, and it turned out to be legitimately enjoyable! Also, +1 to Urban Chaos; that game was totally 'Murica.

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@oddparticle: Postulating best angles for winning the hearts and minds of the poolhall underground?

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Three words:




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I played it for about 5 minutes it on PC from the Humble Weekly sale. It seems pretty solid. Points for references to their terrible movie, and the fact that it's just like every other NES movie game, in that it is very loosely based on the movie. Just jump 'n shoot, man!

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19, but it wasn't handled well. I basically had a free ride that I blew by screwing around instead of concentrating on college, which led to me working full time in order to keep my apartment. So, if you do move out, make sure you have a plan. Kinda goes without saying, but doesn't hurt to mention.