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I have quite enjoyed my time so far in the game. Even though its not the best shooter I have ever played I still prefer the real time combat to any kind of skill bar based system. So the combat in the game and the mobility is enough to make the game fun for me. I am not so enamored with the quest design and the dialog, which seem to be pretty standard for an MMO. I do like the dynamic quest system and helping people out who are thumping. I am disappointed that the crafting takes a long time and find that aspect of the game confusing. The game is free and its seems like it will be fun to play until I get sick of it. Overall, I like the game defiance a bit better which is also free to play. I think the shooting in defiance feels a bit less spammy and more precise which I like. Defiance also has better loot systems and less of a reliance on crafting which I also prefer.

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As someone coming from a family of holocaust survivors I would have no problem playing a game from the axis perspective. However, it would need to be done tastefully. Probably it would work out ok to tell a grounded and historical story that just attempts to leave all the politics and stuff out. I think it would be very difficult to really get into the themes, politics and morality without making the game potentially offensive. I'm not a big fan of games that trivialize large traumatic historical events so maybe it would be best to just start by focusing on the battles and the combat from a neutral perspective. I think this would be easy to do with a standard wehrmacht soldier but would become difficult with the SS. Its just the SS was so ingrained with institutionalized racism, genocide and human rights violations that it would be weird to make a game that doesn't address that.

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Hi, as far as I know ASUS makes really good quality laptops and it seems like a safe bet in terms of quality and support. Personally, I have an MSI laptop and love it. I think the build quality is a step above most. I'm pretty sure there is an MSI laptop that would be in your budget.

There is no reason your current laptop should be overheating under load like that. Any kind of gaming laptop (has a real multi-core cpu and a dedicated graphics card) is going to generate a lot of heat. Even though MSI has quality heat sinks and fans its just not enough. Also, I clean out the fans and heat sinks every couple months to get all the accumulated dirt and dust out. I was having big problems with cpu overheat before I started doing that and wondering why my games were dropping into single digit frames and then going back up again. It was because the cpu was hardware throttling itself when it reached a certain temp. Also, I use a program called throttlestop to manually limit the maximum voltage of the intel "turboboost". This basically lowers the maximum clockspeed of a single core when it goes under 100% load. Doing this has eliminated any overheating issue for a small performance cost. My gpu temp seems mostly fine even when overclocked.

It doesn't matter what kind of laptop you get, if it has quality hardware its going to have heat issues probably. like I said, the key is proper cleaning and making sure the cpu stays at a stable temperature. Also, I definately recommend you get a 17 inch screen for a gaming laptop. The thing is gaming laptops are meant to be portable but its something that might be difficult to travel with. Also, I didn't realize how big of a deal hard drive space would be. You might want to spend a little extra to get more storage space especially if your steam library has become ridiculous like mine has.

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I think that for this game to live up to expectations the persistent qualities and open world exploration need to be on point. They have made a lot of promises but what I have seen so far just looks like an average co-op shooter. I'm assuming that shooting is about 90% of what you can expect to be doing in this game so its a bit disappointing that it looks so familiar. The way the character moves seems too slow and sluggish for me and the way the enemies just kind of mill about in the open while they get shot up seems not great.

This still seems like good game material and I really like the universe and backdrop they have created for this game. But if they spent $500 million bucks to just create what boils down to a regular co-op shooter thats gonna be a disappointing.

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I know everyone here is mostly in agreement, but this whole backlash over the farcry 4 cover is completely absurd. Especially considering the antagonist is clearly either mixed race asian or some asian (I guess officially he is burmese). Also, I know this might just be shocking to some people but homosexuality is not a big deal in that part of the world at least in tibet, nepal, bhutan etc. True Buddhist cultures couldn't give two shits about a persons sexual orientation, although there are strongly defined traditional roles for men and women. But the modern himalaya region is one of the most accepting places and full of wonderful people. Its like basically the opposite of texas.

I really think if ubisoft had any balls they would have made the antagonist obviously chinese. But people would either not get it because so many have no idea of the history of the region or they would think it was racist, despite the fact that china has almost ruined the native culture of that area of the world. If your not paying attention think 6000+ monasteries, 1000s of years of historical note keeping and relics, and the sovereignty of the dalai lama destroyed. This is all in the name of selling mopeds, prepared food, televisions etc. and building a rail system into mongolia to get all the copper they are now mining there.

Also I find it incredibly absurd that people picked up on the characters flamboyancy and western affect and were angry about that while the character is sitting on a statue of buddha with his head severed. Interesting imagery there for sure.

That notion leads me to hope that these implied concepts are explored well in the game. I have no problem with it at all but I hope the execution is more deft then in farcry 3. In that game exploring a tribal society and exploring what being a warrior means to those kinds of societies was interesting but it all felt too cursory. About half way through I was thinking "whats the point of this" and then the game goes completely off the rails towards the end. So if they are trying something similar with farcry 4 I hope they just either make it window dressing or go strait for the jugular.

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Hey guys if I was fine running Rage at 1080p and max quality (besides full AA) on my PC will my performance be comparable in the new wolfenstein? Because my laptops cpu spec is kind of close to the minimum that they are asking for for this game. I thought that was weird because rage played at a rock solid 60fps and wolfenstein runs the same engine and doesn't really even look better than that game. So if someone has played both let me know if wolfenstein runs slower or about the same at comparable settings.

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You should definitely get on the mass effect train buddy, its one of my favorite series. If you get the whole trilogy thats a lot of game. If only I could go back in time and get that magic feeling of playing through ME1 again and exploring a new universe. I want to experience ME2s incredible world building and character writing again. Then there's the tension and dramatic weight of ME3.

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For me right now its DICE. It seems like EA has really run them into the ground. BF4 is basically a complete loss at this point considering 6 months in the game is still glitchy and borderline defective for most people. Even if you can get the game working stable its probably the most unbalanced version of battlefield yet created. The game will probably never be in a competitive balanced state and will be full of people using the same overpowered loadouts and cheese tactics forever. Its so very disappointing that BF bad company 2/ BF2 have such solid balance and are still great games. Its also a big problem that DICE seems to not give two shits about supporting their own games. For example, DICE has basically dropped all support for BF3 at this point and have done literally nothing to stop the huge influx of cheaters that are destroying the game. Most good battlefield players have gotten sick of dealing with BF4 and just gone back to play 3 (which STILL has glaring balance issues), but now that game is being ruined as well.

If you have the audacity to try and charge people $100 for the full experience they need to try way harder because this stuff will catch up with them sooner rather then later. Maybe if EA would give them a proper 3 year dev cycle we can get a game as good as BF2 with all the fancy pants graphics too.

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For me its diablo 3. I spend a night playing the game and then wonder what did I accomplish. Wow I got some new magic pants for my witch doctor! That will make it slightly easier (1.2%) to kill diablo for like the 30th time.

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So I think that the initial hype for this game was strong because bungie was so vague about what the game was. You got the sense that this was some crazy next gen paradigm shift and that it would be a true next gen title. The initial art promised a bold new world to explore and get lost in. But now the new consoles are out and bungie has been very cagey about what the game actually is. Nothing that they have shown looks that revelatory in any way really. It seems to be a co-op game in the style of borderlands or fuze but with combat very reminiscent of halo. That actually sounds like a great mix to me but nothing about that is particularly groundbreaking. I haven't seen anything about the game that couldn't have been done on last gen consoles. Of course the graphics are better than previous bungie games but not by a huge margin. Its a good looking game with a snappy art style but its not technically at the level of say crysis 3 maxed out on a proper PC. I still have no idea if this game will have a narrative focus of note or not and if the game has true exploration. They have kind of crapped out with the PR for this game. Its cool to have a mysterious first reveal to get people excited but the games not far off anymore and no-one seems to have a clue what this game actually is or isn't. I'm hoping that things will be clarified after E3.

Also, I am very disappointed that there is allegedly no PC version in the works. These exclusivity deals are the absolute bane of this industry and total bullshit. Not everyone can afford to have every platform and there is no reason the game should not come out on the PC. Its almost like they don't want money. People are still playing halo:CE all these years later.