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I wonder if Hardline was always planned as next year, but EA needed SOMETHING for people to get excited about at E3 this year. I'm excited for DA:O but EA always needed more then that for E3.

Could you imagine that EA press conference without even Hardline?

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I have a question. I'm level 7-8 right now and I don't know what I should be doing with my ability points. I have a damage dealing warrior and a mage. the warrior is 2 handed dps, I've converted madora to a tank, my mage has 2 points in fire, 2 in electric, 2 in water.

Should I put some points into scoundrel on my warrior maybe? diversify him a little bit? maybe I should just keep dumping points into man at arms and 2handed? should i dump points into crafting or blacksmithing. as for my mage do I put more and more points into the same 3 magic groups or get geomancing/witchcraft?

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An original xbox game I found in the bargain bin. It was a shooter where you played as two characters, one was the guns blazing soldier type and one was more of a stealthy character if I remember. The biggest thing i remember is extended skydiving missions where you'd be shooting enemies free falling alongside you. Also at one point you drive a boat? I think? Through a flooded city?

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@ripelivejam: a match in civ lasts like 6 hours though, that aint no endurance run.

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Why the fuck is this even a thing. Giantbomb is a personality driven website. They hired the people that they felt were best for the position, whom they had the best chemistry with. Simple as that.

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With the new steam sale I have a lot of new games to play, but I can't actually play any of them because of bandwidth caps. I get 100gb a month and after that my connection slows down to a pretty unusable state. At work though we have very fast, free wifi. If I were able to download the files there on a laptop, is it possible to simply transfer those files onto my gaming pc and have steam recognize them when it goes to install my new game?

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Guys, I really love civ 5, like 300 hours of love. Will I love Europa Universalis? I love civ because it's a strategy game because its more about building up your empire rather then all about combat.

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Sitting on $30 and haven't seen anything that caught my interest yet. So far I've got Far Cry Blood Dragon, Walking Dead Season 2 and Arkham Origins, yet I'm still just sitting here playing Civ5 again.

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@falserelic: Same, and I cant remember the last game I didn't beat.