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@sarahsdad: Limitless is basically a power fantasy for adults, like Dragon Ball Z was for kids and teens. It's fun to imagine all the things you could do with that pill, it's the main draw of the movie.

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@scullinator: Someone involved with the production confirmed it, I believe. The reason being that Bran's story was way ahead of everyone else's by the end of last season. Most characters stories were near the end of book 3 or a bit into book 4, however Bran at the end of the season was where he is at the end of book 5.

It was an alright episode, generally this show has pretty boring openers as we have to catch up with all the characters and remind everyone what's going on.

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I remember a long time ago they he said that he just hated the mechanics of it. The healing system and having to stop and worry about food and camo seems like the exact kind of annoying thing Jeff would hate.

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I love Mcgregor, dude is entertaining. I agree though that sometimes that he takes the trash talk a little too far. But the fact is that the UFC is filled with a whole lot of boring guys with no personality that all say the same things. Connor is an interesting personality, love him or hate him which is something sorely lacking from most fighters. To top it off he has the skills to back it up.

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I loved the first Hotline Miami, and I enjoy hard games. However, this just isn't doing it for me. My problem isn't with difficulty, it's with the design. The way the levels are designed makes the game feel a lot slower and gives you less room to experiment and find your own way. One of my favorite things about the first game was the variety of moves you could pull off. I could smash down a door knocking one guy over, hit a 2nd guy with my pipe and toss it at the third guy, then pick up a knife and finish them off. Hotline Miami 2 is just shooting and shooting. I don't enjoy the gun play very much and it just seems the mission design is limiting.

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During the GB panel Alex mentioned a panel Jeff was on about reviews the previous day. Does anyone know if this panel was archived anywhere? I haven't been able to find it and the topic seems like it would make for an interesting panel.

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It's mostly there to give players a safe and secure away to buy and sell gold, something that many were already doing. It will clear chat of shady gold seller spam and likely unclog customer service, which has been plagued by people trying to recover their hacked and frozen accounts. I'm happy just because I'm sitting on around 2 million gold, I may never have to pay my subscription again.

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Just as with MGS 1 and 2, this will be my first experience with MGS 3.

I am prepared to once again have my life changed.

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Finally got around to picking this up and I'm wondering what difficulty to play on. From everything I've heard the combat can be pretty dull on normal, I want something challenging and fairly engaging, but not to the point where I'm struggling to beat the game. I've played both DA games prior to this if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

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Sad to see you go Patrick, you've always provided a great and different perspective for Giantbomb. As a young person just going into college, I've always looked up to your attitude, your willingness to grow and your ambition.