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I have a R7970 and an amd FX 8150, can I run this?

I bought my pc from a friend who built it, not sure where it stands compared to other pcs.

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someone on reddit won.

is that person you?

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arent you supposed to flip the omellete before filling it and folding it? Cause the top side was never cooked fully when he put the the stuff in.

I've never been successful in making an omellete

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@neon25 said:

@neon25 said:

While it's nicely written, I'm very disappointed how you still label GamerGate as a hate movement. It's just like saying all Muslims are jihadists. Just because they are a few shitty people in a group doesn't mean all people are shitty. I think you should definitely take a note of that, especially as a lot of people in this "hate movement" are your primary demographic, whether you like it or not.

Still, it was nice to finally get an official statement.

To add to that, it's really sad that Giant Bomb did nothing, while sites like the Escapist actually reevaluated their ethics standards and now if there's any chance that some personal connection might have influenced something in the review, it's simply mentioned in bold font in the header. It's that easy.

Giantbomb's already been doing this for years. They refused to review Bastion because of their relationship to the devs. GB has always been extremely open and honest about their relationships with game devs like John Drake and the Doublefine guys.

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@mrfluke said:

its a quality game, but the nemesis system seems a bit overhyped, can definitely see it being the "game changer" for open world stuff down the line though. as the concept is genius.

The Nemesis system is great in theory, but the lack of difficulty really crippled it.

I can see the story in front of me of that random orc killing you, becoming a captain for it, and then the 2 of you duelling constantly as he makes his way through the ranks. You invade his duels/hunts/feasts but he manages to get away every time or you manage to get the better of him and he returns with scars later. In the end he becomes a warchief and after a long drawn out battle you finally behead him.

In reality though you just fucking murder everyone thats not a warchief, maybe they get away once but thats about it.

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I think you're overestimating some of those older seasons. Both 5 and 6 were pretty bad if you ask me. the girl in 5 and the whole doomsday killer were so poorly written. On the other hand I loved season 7, it's up there with the first 2 for me. I actually really enjoyed Debs struggle with Dexter after finding out the truth.

But yeah the last season is complete hot garbage and the ending was some real bullshit.

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So I've never gotten super into anime, all I've ever seen is Naruto (stopped watching around Pain arc) some of Bleach and Deathnote. (That list must make me some kind of stereotype) Anyway I've recently gotten back into Naruto and it's given me that itch and I want to try out some new stuff, so what's hot these days?

I'm looking for 2 different things, the first is something like Naruto. I'm a huge sucker for that fight, train, level up, fight structure. The 2nd would be something more adult, with great writing and characters. (my biggest irk with anime is how exposition is so poorly delivered.)

I tried watching Attack on Titan because I keep hearing about it but I despised the art style.

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@thunderslash said:


He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark beard. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Dan Ryckert.

You delivered that reference a lot better then I was about to.

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@rorie: It takes up so much memory though. Skada is a much better option, especially for people with lower end rigs.

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I figured it out. Dan is a boy, he's a 12 year old that never grew up. The way he eats, how he doesn't drink coffee or tea, he never tries new foods. He loves wrestling and has action figures and still has his pogs. His general lack of life knowledge. He loves all the things a 12 year old from the 80s would love and his tastes never evolved.

Not saying any one of those things are bad or childish. But if you described the personality traits of Dan Rykert to me out of context I would assume you were talking about a kid.