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Is there any way to change hair/beard mid-game?

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I know others have been saying this for years but I feel like the bubble burst, at least for me it did. The first Assassins Creed game is still one of my favourites of all time. I love stealth and climbing around in games, and those gameplay mechanics of social stealth and parkour were revolutionary at the time. Ever since then I've loved the series. 2 and BH are masterpieces to me, rev was a bit boring, 3 was very disappointing and I didn't even finish Unity. As a die hard fan even I've lost all my steam, I just don't care about syndicate, it looks bad.

It's time to take a long break, if not permanent.

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My completion rating is close to 25% complete, but a good portion of that is side ops. I'm having a blast with the game so far despite the odd lack of story so far. However my biggest gripe is with Mother Base. I've built each platform up to level 2 and while it's a cool big base, it's so damn lifeless. There's nothing going on or nothing to do really. It's populated by a small handful of guys patrolling around having conversations once in awhile. Other than a few easter eggs, diamonds and the shower, I don't see any point to go there.

Maybe I just came in with the wrong expectations. When people were talking about how you'd be building up this big base, I pictured something along the lines of Mass Effects Normandy where you can have conversations with your crew members and see people working on different things. I don't understand why the studio would spend so much time making art assets for this massive base and then not fill it with anything. For anyone who's gotten further into the game, does the base become more interesting in any way?

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Admittedly I'm early on still, but so far the lack of BB speaking has not been a problem. It's never come across as lacking, he just comes across as a quiet person, which is fine. Sure there are a lot of places where he could have said something, but he didn't feel the need to.

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@village_guy: @mirado: @strife777: @geraltitude: Alright thanks for the help, guys. Looks like I'll be picking up the PS4 version tomorrow. In the end I can always buy it again on PC during a steam sale after I pick up a 980 for a 2nd playthough.

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I was planning on picking this up for PC up until my 7970 died on me awhile back. Now it looks like I won't be able to afford a new card any time soon, however I do still have the option of buying this for PS4. I know it's probably smarter to just wait it out and play it on PC in a few months, but I really want to play this game and if the PS4 version is close or equal to PC, I wouldn't mind. Has there been any news about performance or graphics comparison? And if not what was the difference like between the platforms with Ground Zeros?

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@mirado: Yeah maybe good guy was the wrong term. I'm just confused between his allegiance between his own Military sans frontiers, the patriots, and what he was doing in Metal Gear 1. And thanks, I'm definitely gonna check out your timeline.

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So I'm hyped for MGS5 after having spent a year watching Scanlon, and also seeing that 5 looks like it plays super well. However, I still feel very confused on a lot of plot details, especially relating to the factions around 5 and Big Boss's allegiance in the world. Such as when Big Boss was part of the Patriots and when he wasn't. After defecting the Patriots was he a good guy? The whole XOF FOX thing through me off since the only thing I remember about that is Foxhound from MGS1. So I was wondering if there are any good resources out there that summarize the things you need to understand before MGS5, if so please let me know.

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@yummylee said:

I would ideally prefer GBEAST starts attempting some content with a little production behind it. I enjoyed that one video they did where Vinny briefed over the games they didn't QL.

I agree. That type of content is so few and far between, it's a bummer to see GB completely abandon it over the past few years.

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@irvandus I can't remember who exactly it was, but one of the devs confirmed 6.2 was the last content patch for WoD.