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Just as with MGS 1 and 2, this will be my first experience with MGS 3.

I am prepared to once again have my life changed.

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Finally got around to picking this up and I'm wondering what difficulty to play on. From everything I've heard the combat can be pretty dull on normal, I want something challenging and fairly engaging, but not to the point where I'm struggling to beat the game. I've played both DA games prior to this if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

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Sad to see you go Patrick, you've always provided a great and different perspective for Giantbomb. As a young person just going into college, I've always looked up to your attitude, your willingness to grow and your ambition.

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There's a reason why the word "ass" appears twice in the title of these games.

7 years later and people keep making this joke.

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Little of topic, but it kind of bugs me that Metal Gear Scanlon is premium content. That series IS an endurance run, the only difference being that they don't do it every day. I love this site and have been coming here for what almost 7 years now, I want these guys to do well, but it really sucks that free users dont get much other then quick looks, bombcast and reviews.

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I'm really excited for this but.....all I can think about is how stoked Ryan would be.

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This is such a massive bummer. I've been so excited for this game, it takes place during one of my favourite periods of history and from how they were talking it seemed like they were finally learning from their mistakes.

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I don't care how cheesy it is, just give me some cool game announcements and I'll be happy.

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I still feel like the whole pieces of eden and the precursor race should have stayed a mystery. Just have the focus be assassins vs templars and have that first civ stuff there in the background being all mysterious and an explanation for the existence of the pieces of eden. Back in AC 1 and 2 that shit was so awesome, the puzzles in 2 revealing tiny tidbits was fantastic. Now I really hate all the future stuff.

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Things are scary when they're not clearly defined. When you can't see what it is your mind wanders, and you become your own worst enemy creating the scariest thing to you. Movies like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch feed of that kind of fear. Once something is shown you know exactly what you're dealing with and the tension is lost.

What gets to me most often is when a figure is standing in the dark and you can just see barely see the outline, leaving your imagination to fill in the rest.